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Last week, I was invited to attend the What a Girl Wants Young Ambassadors of Style Launch at WAGW Abreeza. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the invite in the mail because the ambassadors they chose are actually 3 people I grew up with: my cousins Enzo Rabat and Ccia Ang, and family friend Milen Aquino. Biases and family ties aside, I  have to say, they picked the right three. :)

After the introduction of the three ambassadors, we were all invited to the store to shop. There were cocktails served catered by Spirale. I didn't get to eat much but I tried the sweets (I didnt know Spirale even had sweets!)--the red velvet cake pops were really good! In fact, I'm craving some right now. Yum yum.

The set-up's really cute, right? :)

This is us with Kryz Uy. Kwesh and I also had the privilege of meeting Kryz with Camille Co at the WAGW Meet and Greet last year. Love what she's wearing, as usual. :) We also had the pleasure of meeting Jack, Kryz's sister (the one who takes her outfit photos). They look so much alike and I loved her green midi-skirt!

us with Pat and Janvie

Us again with the three ambassadors: Milen, Ccia and Enzo. (I changed into flats here already haha) Let me tell you a bit about these 3.

Marianne Louise Aquino, or Milen, recently graduated from her Biology course at De La Salle University and will be attending medical school the next year (if I remember correctly, she once told me she wants to be a dermatologist). Milen who is a classic patrician beauty, like her style icon Audrey Hepburn, manages to make everything she wears look good. She describes her personal style as simple yet sophisticated.

Chelsea Marie Ang, or Ccia, is currently taking up dentistry at Davao Medical School Foundation. She hopes to put up her own orthodontic practice as soon as she finishes medical school. I know that's been a dream of hers since we were kids. Ccia's style is simple yet elegant, and she also considers Audrey Hepburn her style icon.

Lorenzo Leon Rabat, or Enzo, is studying Civil Engineering at De La Salle University. He hopes to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable development through green-building methods to help preserve the Earth's natural resources and fight against global warming (yay sustainable development! I guess it's really like that when you're studying engineering ;) ). Enzo's style reflects his love for the outdoors--he considers shorts and sunglasses his style staples.

There you have it! The three Young Ambassadors of Style for Davao: Ccia, Enzo and Milen. :)

After the event, Kwesh, Dawn and I had dinner and coffee. :)

photos by Gail Royeca and Dawn Villahermosa
last photo from Kweshie's Instagram

Thank you to Jaja and Vanessa of BigseedPR, and WAGW for inviting us.

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