Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone's feeling the Christmas spirit as we get ready for Christmas tonight/tomorrow! I'm queuing this post (as a gift, you could say!) cause later, I'll be at our family's annual Christmas dinner/gathering. I hope you guys are also enjoying your own family's media noche and not just sitting at the computer, on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, this is what I wore to last Friday's "End of the World" hang with my high school batchmates. I actually wore this to school once but didn't get to have it photographed so I wore it so it could be shot. :) It's one of my faves because the pastel colors luckily came together. 

So anyway, friends and I had dinner at Sbarro (thanks for the treat, Dex!!!) and then went out for drinks to chill and talk. Afterwards, we went to Krispy Kreme and Starbucks to cap off our night. Thanks guys, other than my family, wouldn't have wanted to spend the end of the world with anyone else. Ahhh, the first day of my vacation started out great..and it's been non-stop ever since. I have yet to spend a full day home since Friday. I'm tired but not really complaining though cause I'm home early for the most part of the year. Hahaha. I really missed coming home late. =))

Some photos from that night:

Dex and Mithi doing their version of the "blogger pose"
goofing off
at Starbucks. Thank you Fort!!! ;)
ran into Lea (also Heidi) at SM--twas the place to be for our batch! :))
top: Cotton On
shoes: Janilyn


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  1. You know what's funny? I'm actually just sitting at the computer, on Facebook and Twitter instead of having a noche buena with family :)) haha wala lang, I don't celebrate Christmas kasi for some reasons but none the less happy holidays ate farrah!

    1. Hi Hana! Merry Christmas! Thanks for the comment! :) I also actually ended up on FB and Twitter (pero on my phone) after dinner! haha. So what did you do last night?



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