End of the Year


I was supposed to make this an "End of the World" post but I was pressed for time and I hoped as well that the world wouldn't actually end. I got my wish, the world hasn't ended so far so today's  post is for the end of the year.

2012 has been one helluva roller coaster ride. I started out ACTIVE in the blogging scene (always at events and stuff, even organizing one!), but later on I realized I had to de-clutter my life (both online and offline) so I lay low. I started blogging about things I believed in and when I felt like it. To sum up my year in 3 words:

acceptance. streamlining. mellow.

As I write this entry, I realize how FULL my year was. I thought it was boring but andami palang ganap! However, in the latter part (October/November dark ages) I had to let go of a few things. I somehow don't regret it though. I believe it's best to start another year with less baggage to make room for the blessings that are about to come in.

Anne Hathaway 

In a nutshell, my year:



*SOUL Bloggers Soiree (Jan 7, 2012) --Starting the year in style!
*First published article on CollegeFashionista
*Moved to this domain thanks to Mia!!
*Obrigado 2012


*styled for Armessi in NCCC fashion show
*Valentines Day giveaway
*Gossip Girl's 100th episode


*styled for SOUL's summer lookbook
and P&P's too
*Bauhaus shopping event
*Vern and Verniece in Davao (epic night!)


--technically we traveled March and got back home on the first of April, but since April was just summer class (I was classmates with my sister BTW), HK would have to be my highlight.
*first styling gig published on Stache, thanks to Aidx


*Gave a blogging talk with Aidx and Cheys for my aunt's Intro to Masscom class at USEP 
*Bloggers Sale (did YOU go?)
*supposed to go to PFW :(



*Manila weekend! (36 hours in Manila)
*got interviewed by for a student publication (haven't seen it though!)


*sNCEC 2012
*Started on Revenge and Suits
--Ateneo had about 8 school days spread throughout the month so I had nothing to do
*Kadayawan with J6, Lea, Karla and Jojie


*Forever 21 opens in Davao!


-lay low from blogging


-quit from my job at SOUL
-school started


-WAGW event
-Georgina Wilson retweeted me :))
-Davao Fashion Bloggers page
-Christmas gatherings (TOO MANY)
-Gossip Girl Finale :(

+ something BIG that I'll tell you about next year! =)

It's nice to look back sometimes and realize what a good time you had!
Thank you for continuing to support this little blog of mine :)
Hope you had a full (or full-er) year!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!


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