top and bag: H&M
shoes: Feebee's (Payless)

Happy 12-14-12!
It's Friday again!!!
 (and Lantern Parade in UP *sob*)!

How did you spend the last repetitive day we'll live to see?

On my end, nothing special really happened that day. I just finally had my picture taken in a bookshop. Haha. Nothing special either for the outfit I wore to school yesterday. Even though I wanted to spice things up a little, I was running late so I went for a fail-safe outfit again. As a last resort, I grabbed this scarf which is actually a belt from my sister's pair of shorts just to add a little color. It's a little variation of the outfit I wore here.

I thought, "If I can't wear something new, I'll at least wear something inspired by the date: repetitive" hahaha :)

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*probably my shortest post to date

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