Wishlist Wednesday: Christmas Wishlist


I should've posted this yesterday but I was out with my friends. It doesn't make a difference if it's posted a day late, right?

Anyway to start, I'm now 21 and it was just last night that I wondered if godparents still give their godchildren my age gifts on Christmas. Usually, it's just cash now but still, I wonder at what age would that stop coming. Probably when I have a job, right? Something to ponder about.

Material-wise and feasibility considered, I only want 3 things:

1) Shoes
*patent nude pumps 
(saw a pair in Aldo that's on sale)

*capped toe heels or flats
(I keep seeing them on Vern's blog. They look really posh)

*moccasins/loafers from Shoebox and Me in Abreeza
-their collection in Abreeza now is really nice. It features the loafers/moccasins in summery colors that I just want to gobble up! I want the pinkish/reddish one and the turquoise one. I think it's at about 699 or 799 a pair. For that amount, I think it's worth it cause it lasts long. When my mom and I went to check their latest collection, we realized we were both in Shoebox shoes we had purchased a year before. 

2) Bags

On my bag lust list this Christmas is:

a) a doctor's bag like Kweshie's which she bought in Parfois (see here)
Sadly, I went there yesterday and seems like they don't have it already.

b) a tote/bucket bag from Shoebox again
It looks like a bucket bag but it's pretty roomy and it has a strap. It comes in neon green, pink, yellow and orange but when I passed by, the orange was sold already! Gah. It's at 899php! I hope it's still there if and when and after I get my Christmas money.. or maybe someone can give me?

Lastly all I want for Christmas is
a photoshopped photo of myself on what I'd look like if I were thin. SERIOUSLY.
(hello THE Justin Quintos)

I know there are apps to "fattify" yourself but I already know what I look like fat. I'm hoping to try a different tactic to motivate me to weight loss. I'm hoping a photo of myself looking slim will help.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? :)


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