Wishlist Wednesday: Birthday


It's my birthday on Saturday so I thought about doing a wishlist post cause I haven't done one in a long time! Reading back on my old wishlist made me appreciate how much I've changed the past two years. The things I want this year are much simpler and definitely more realistic. I feel like right now, it is better to get what you want (for the meantime) than torture yourself over the things you can't have. Baby steps.
So as of now, I don't really want anything lavish. For starters, I want

1) A boxing membership at Empire Boxing Davao.
I got into boxing late last year and I love it! However, I found out recently that my boxing trainer at the gym will be away for a few months to train for his MMA competition. In comes Empire Boxing. They opened just a few months ago and I've been wanting to try ever since! They have muay thai, which is kickboxing, something I see progressing into since I box and need to lose some thigh fat. They also have conditioning which is specific to your needs (strengthening the lungs, weight loss, etc) which I also want to try. My trainer makes me do some conditioning exercises before boxing which serve as my cardio warm-up. It differs day-to-day and I love that cause I hate repetitive cardio (eg treadmill, elliptical) cause I easily get bored. The thing is, prices can get pretty steep cause you're paying per session and because training is one-on-one (they have unlimited boxing and conditioning though for around P3000 but I don't think I'd be able to fully maximize it since they're on the other side of town). Ah, I wish Empire would read this and sponsor me! *wishful thinking* If not though, I wish someone would give me money to enroll!
You know Farrah's changed when she's into fitness..but don't be too sure just yet.

2) Sugar Munch Ice Cream Cake
I see my birthday as a day I'm allowed to eat whatever I want (as if I don't do this on other days...) and I want to have this yummy cake my sister, mom and I tried once. It had chocolate, caramel and mango on top but on the inside, layers of cake were alternate with ice cream. I. CANNOT. It was SO GOOD. The cake wasn't too sweet; just right, and who doesn't love ice cream with cake?! I want to have that on the table for my birthday. I also want ice cream with cake bits in it (or Mrs Fields cookie bits, or Whoppers). I'm just super babaw.

3) Bags

Most people like shoes but I'm big on bags. I need a new school bag!! Some of the bags I want are:
-a brown hobo bag (Mia gave me one before but because I overused it, it got destroyed)

-a black fringe bag (Promod has one on sale! ;) )
-a brown satchel/sling bag
-a red satchel (There's one at Forever 21)
-an oversized black sling bag (like my old one from Tomato which got destroyed too since I loved it too much and used it everywhere)
-a small black sling bag 
-a gym bag in an eye-catching color
Ah, but the dream still remains. My bag wishlist include the Celine mini luggage and the PS1 in Orchid. I'm really picky about bags though. I like classic designs without much adornments and heavy hardware.
4) A new blog layout.
The Style Reactor definitely needs a style intervention/reinvention! This is something I've been bugging my sister about since summer. I've given her my design specifications and everything. FAW! Where's my layout?

5) Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Contour Set

I just want a contour set. I've been looking for one for the longest time and when I tried this on, I thought it was the perfect (affordable) one!

6) Plane Tickets

I wasn't supposed to have a #6. I wanted to keep it at 5 so it's nice and odd (#OCproblems), but there are a LOT of happenings in the coming months that I wanna be there for:

-August 30: UP KEM 60th Homecoming
-September 13-14 (two weeks later): UP KEM sNCEC

I can't name the others just yet cause I don't want to jinx it. Round trip plane tickets these days are expensive! Plus imagine being there for a couple of days at a time and within a two-week period! I'm even hesitant to ask for sNCEC now. huuuu. I've paid for my own trips the past 2 years I've attended but that's cause I had jobs then.

7) Stovetop Griller
This is such a grown-up present choice! I need this for all my healthy recipes.

  8) Lose 20 more lbs
I've lost 20 lbs so far since the year started, BUT I've hit a plateau recently. :( I'm proud of what I've achieved (hello, I don't even feel like I lost 20 lbs..where did it all go?? And hooray, I've maintained my current weight so far) but 20lbs in 7 months feels slow! I hope I could lose more by the time the year ends! This is my ultimate gift to myself.
  Wanna give me something? :P


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