It's July already but this is my first washday outfit post for the school year. I haven't had the chance to take photos cause I usually just choose to dress in some variation of gym wear (aka I wear my trainers to school) so I wouldn't have to lug around a lot of stuff. However, I decided to skip a session Wednesday last week to make time for my blog(!!!) and try out Saging Repablik with my bestie, Ayessa.

Almost all my classes this semester are in just one room (I knowww, super high school ang peg!! I love changing rooms cause I get to spot cuties when going around but oh well) and it can get really chilly there so I opted for something that involved a sweater. I actually planned on blogging this outfit a long time ago but never got the chance to so I saw that day as the perfect time to wear it out! 

Here's a photo I got online. It's not the original photo I took inspiration from but it's similar
It's inspired by something Emma Watson wore that I saw on my StyLIZed book. I chose to wear my sleeveless denim polo from Cotton On inside and just let the collar peek instead of a full-on polo cause the weather can get unpredictable and it might get hot later on (Actually, I just didn't like the polo's collar. HAHA. dami pang sinabi noh?). Good thing the outfit went well with the whole feel of Saging Repablik!

What do you think? Is this look a yay or a nay? :)


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