Sporty Grunge


Although not usually my style, I find myself gravitating towards a lot of grunge/90's dressing lately. As of late, it's the easiest go-to thing, especially when I feel like being comfortable and low-maintenance. Besides, it's pretty easy to get into--all you need is plaid, denim and loose clothing.

This wasn't even supposed to be a grunge outfit. I'd initially had a sporty look in mind, cause I would be attending our sports fest that day and I wanted to get into the spirit of things. I initially wanted to wear my pair of black shorts with the number top but I was stopped before I could get out the door since according to both my mom and sister, my shorts were already too big for me that they looked like puruntong/pambahay shorts already! Woot, woot! *feels skinny already*
So instead, I settled for my favorite yoga pants. The top was a bit short and cut me midsection, making my hips look wide, that's why I masked it by tying the polo shirt around my waist. Funny how it's so easy to transition from sporty to grunge isn't it?

photo by Gian Sam

78 top: Mango ||  plaid polo: Thrifted || sneakers: brother's Chuck Taylors
PS. It was our division's sportsfest today. Our course won 2nd place! Congratulations ChE! :)

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