Going International


flats: SM department
bag: tomato
scarf: People are People
coat: Surplus Shop

This is what I wore on our first day at Hong Kong. We spent the whole day at three different airports--Davao, Cebu and Hong Kong. It was my first time to step into Cebu, and of course, Hong Kong! :) I opted for something comfy yet something that would keep me warm as I really tend to get cold easily. Since my outfit was plain, I topped it off with a scarf I got from my aunt. I was quite hesitant to wear it actually cause it isn't a skinny scarf so it tends to add a bit more bulk.

I finally got to wear the trench we got from Surplus Shop (read about it here)! When we got to Hong Kong, we checked into the hotel and changed for dinner. We ate dinner at Spaghetti House, about a block away from our hotel.
What do you think? :)


  1. OH! I love your red coat. :)

  2. Replies
    1. oo nga baby raei! your personal F21, diba? HAHA :)

  3. your red coat <3


    1. Thanks Han! Meron din ako nagustuhan doon sa Surplus, may "fur" trimming sayang wala ako money nun :))



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