Hong Kong Day 4: Ocean Park


check out our fail jumpshot!

the view from above was worth it. Too bad my photo didn't do it justice

this was HKD 138!! Most expensive meal we ate in HK.. and it was a kiddie meal XD

While watching the dolphin show, we had the view of this crazy ride! I tried not to look at it cause I felt as if I were the one riding it! My heart would stop!!!
rode the double deck bus--second floor, of course.

Delayed post again, but the last of our Hong Kong trip series.
We went to Ocean Park! I'll let the pictures do the talking since my brain is all dried up but before that, I just wanted to share my cable car experience.

I was all pumped up and excited to experience the cable cars. My mom was scared and she told my dad that she'd rather stay down than go up the mountains. All 5 of us siblings shared a cable car and my parents rode the next one. I thought that as soon as you got up, that was it but the cable car ride turned out to be a long one. Going up, I was already closing my eyes cause I remembered the Space Mountain experience! Add to that my sister Timmy made the car move back and forth! I thought I was going to die!!!

Oh well.

When we got up, I found out that there was a train to go up the mountains.. and an escalator. FML
But nevermind the escalator. It would probably feel like a Stairway to Heaven. LOL

Anyway, I am going to cook dinner with my brother now. We're making baked macaroni.


PS. Rides-wise, I think I'm more of a Disneyland girl
Souvenirs-wise, Ocean Park has more choices :)

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