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Hello, I look pretty decent here
got a little something for Vern!
TOTALLY NOT DRESSED TO KILL. Spot the sober sisters/good girls
Sister day! --me and my sister, Vern and Verniece and the magkabirthday Aidx and James
with Vern and Yllana and Ysa, Mimi's little girls who both did my make-up that day
(photos stolen from Mia, Kwesh, Vern and Pat)

Sorry for the delayed post! I thought I would be able to blog while on vacation but my sister decided not to bring her laptop! :(

Anyway, last Saturday, March 24, was a pretty hectic day for all of us--most especially Vern and Verniece! They had an 8-hour shoot--a video shoot in the morning and the billboard shoot in the afternoon. I missed the morning shoot since we had a family affair til lunch then rushed to the billboard shoot after. Since I had nothing much to do during the billboard shoot, having picked out all the clothes the day before, I had the lovely task of entertaining Ysa and Yllana, Mimi's 6 and 9-year old daughters. Well, I'm the eldest and I have 3 other sisters so I'd say I get along well with kids. That afternoon, I taught them how to do make-up!

It started out when they asked me which brush is which for and then I showed them how to apply blush on and what strokes to use. In fairness, they really paid attention! Right after our "lesson", they practiced their newly acquired make-up skills on me. :)) I was especially proud of Ysa who, take note, did a bit of "contouring" by applying the brush stroke downwards like I showed her. Oh, and patted the blush brush on the container to remove the excess. (char noh?)

Anyway, after the shoot, Vern and Verniece rushed to their Meet and Greet at SOUL Lifestyle Abreeza. But if you see them, it doesn't look as if they're tired already, right? Meanwhile, I on the other hand..even with make-up, never mind.

Right after the meet and greet, me and the other Bloggers from the South had dinner and waited for the clock to strike 10! At 10pm, we took Vern and Verniece out for Vern's birthday salubong! Let me tell you something, Vern was the first one able to make me take a tequila shot. Yes, I know it sounds lame but this was my first tequila shot EVER. I was making sour faces and gulping tons of juice that Ken and Kweshie's boyfriend LA were laughing at me. Let's just say that it was definitely a night to remember!

Sunday was Vern's actual birthday. Her family invited us to dinner at Italianni's before they left. My sister tagged along since she had to buy something in Abreeza. My sister is my opposite and does not care about fashion as much as I do but as we were on our way to our cousin's birthday party after we left Abreeza, she told me she got inspired to dress up more after seeing Verniece's outfit. :">

Sorry for the wordy post but I can't believe that all happened just last weekend! I cannot believe how eventful this week was and I can't wait to blog about the rest of it! :))

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