There's a lot of Pretty Girls in the City


top: Forever 21
necklace: OASAP
shorts & shoes: SM
bag: thrifted

The title is not related to my post. It's just that my brother keeps singing this so it got stuck in my head!!

This is what I wore to do errands in Abreeza the other day. I was supposed to meet up with Mimi, Aidx and Cheyser but Mimi and Cheys were not able to come at the last minute (busy bees!!). Instead, I spent time with my former schoolmate and orgmate Macey. We talked about everything under the sun until my dad had to text me asking if I would still eat! haha

Funny cause I tweeted Macey thanking her when my other orgmate ate Kara tweeted me back asking if I was in Abreeza which I was! Dropped by on her and her friend having dinner at Bigby's. It was nice to see a not-from-Davao KEMer in Davao! I wish my other friends (esp those who graduated already) would come! *cough cough*

Anyway, like this necklace I got from OASAP? I got a lot of compliments for this necklace. I think it can instantly take any outfit from day to night. It's the first time I took it out for a spin! :)
What do you think? 

BTW, please please follow me on Networked Blogs. Since I got a new domain, I didn't know I had to register it as a new blog so my posts aren't being published on FB. (It's on my sidebar!) Thank you!! :)


  1. love the necklace! :)

    1. thanks kweshinda! cant wait for your outfit post with the item from OASAP as well! :)

  2. It is a pretty necklace. :)

    I hope you have more outfit posts na, wooms. Weeee! :D



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