shorts and flats: SM Dept
bag and top: H&M

Summer is here!

Wore my shorts which I got a just a day before the HK trip FOR the HK trip but didn't get to wear cause it was so cold!! I wore it to SM instead cause it was so hot that day! Thank God for SM having shorts in my size--they really do have it all! I've been wanting to wear shorts to the mall for quite some time now. I mean, why let my being plump get in the way of wearing what I wanna wear? :)

Anyway, I spent my Maundy Thursday watching the whole season of Awkward with my sisters. I've been meaning to for some time now ever since I read my friends tweeting about it. I just wasn't able to find the time til now. My sisters and I love it!! TEAM JAAAAKE.

Anyone else watch Awkward here too? Sound off!! If not, you really should!
Have a blessed Holy Week! :)


  1. love the outfit... simple black and white with hints of color.. =)

  2. Awkward! It's pretty funny. :D Jake is soooo charming, no? Hihi.

    Awesome outfit! I'm pretty much in those clothes all the time and I *love* stripes! :)

    1. Yaay! JAKE! So far, I only know of 1 team Matty among my friends! haha. Stripes are the best! They're so classic! :)



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