Hong Kong Day 3: Shopping!


so this is what McDonald's is like in other countries. Check out the butter!!

outside Prada

Mission accomplished!

Delaaayed post. :(
I've been super busy with school and working out since we arrived that I didn't realize that it's almost gonna be a month since our HK trip.

Day 3 was our "free day". We spent it shopping. It was the highlight for my brother, who was a bit sick the  first 2 days. However, when he saw Toys R Us, his face lit up and he ran like crazy!!

We went to Harbour City/Ocean Terminal. From what I understand, Ocean Terminal is part of the Harbour City complex. It was quite a long walk from the Tsim Sha Tsui station, and we passed by Hong Kong's version of Rodeo Drive, Canton Road. I dunno, I've seen luxury shops in Greenbelt but I still was in awe when we passed by. Didn't get to ask my sister to take the obligatory tourist photos of me since my dad was telling us to hurry up, so I took photos of my sister instead. :P

Afterwards, we went to H&M, where I blew probably 2/3 of my money (See what I got here). It was on sale when we were there but I didn't really find anything on sale that I wanted. No photo though, we were busy shopping! :))

Hope you're enjoying your summer!
Mine's starting to get a little tough.


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