Stylish Saturday: Philip Plein Milan Fashion Week


I absolutely love this dress!

Victoria's Secret came to mind!

Like I said before, I'm not a huge fan of reptile prints but they actually look good with lace.

This has a sort of Cheyser flavor doesn't it?

I love this! They look like Fair Isle prints but they aren't!
(photos from

Before today, I have never heard of Philip Plein (or I may have but I must have forgotten about him). I was browsing online when I saw his collection. It brought out my former penchant for rocker-inspired pieces (my high school self's style) but I like this collection because it has fur so it has a bit of a luxe and glam feeling.

Color Palette: Blacks, grays, whites and reds
Material: leather, knits, fur, sheer
Trends and Prints: reptile, cheetah/tiger as prints and patterns, military influences

What's your fave? :)

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