Wishlist Wednesday: Summer to-do's!


Summer starts for me in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!

Actually, I'm trying to restrain myself from doing stuff unrelated to school or work (Haha, hello blog). Isn't it funny that when you have all the time in the world, you get bored and you can't think of what to do, but when you're in a time crunch, you get so easily distracted?

Well anyway, since I can't do these things yet now, I am listing them so that when I finally do get my free time, I will have something to do (Sorry for being weird! Haha!)

1. Crafting

(photo from Fab Online Shop)

I miss making stuff with my hands. I was super inspired by this set of bracelets from Fab Online Shop. They're made by Alyssa, a girl from my school. She's so creative! My sister just bought 2 sets recently. =)

2. Series marathon

I am going to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and Glee, I swear!
I'll also try to move past Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. 

Anything else you could recommend me to watch? :)

3. Reading for pleasure and not for studies!

One summer I was able to read around 150 books, I swear!

My dad has a friend who owns a used book shop. We would borrow 10 every Sunday, but by Tuesday, I'd be through with everything! I miss those days =)


OHMY. My dad finally consented to duh-riiiiving lessons!
He finally saw my need for wheels (Me and my mom getting at his case probably helped too!)
Can't wait to get my license =)

5. Getting back on (the fitness) track

I've went to the gym for a month, but had to stop after my membership ended cause there is so much to do lately! Can't wait to get back on track (although I am worried that my trainer will get mad at me and punish me cause I stopped without telling her! aaaah!)

So, that's what I'm looking forward to so far. It will be a different summer cause a lot of my friends won't be coming home--they'll either be having their internships or preparing for their graduation in April. On the other hand, I have summer class to look forward to, aside from shoots for SOUL and stuff. Someone also asked if I could conduct review sessions for UPCAT. We'll see if there's time. :)

So, have any summer plans already? Would love to hear them!:)


  1. Driving lessons! I convinced my mom to enroll me too! Hahah. I like your list. Wanna do everything here kaso I don't think I have enough summer to do it since our school only has a short summer break. D:

  2. Hi Nettie! Thanks for dropping by! I hope we can do kahit man lang driving lessons! Haha! Where do you go pala? :)

  3. Murag lingaw lagi maghimo ug bracelets. Hihihi. Pwede ko sumama? :>



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