Inspirafriday: Nadia Aboulhosn


(photos from Nadia's blog)

I noticed that I've been featuring mostly skinny fashion bloggers on my blog.
However, I realized I should also show you that there is also a world and a space on the internet big enough for us voluptuous, fashion-loving ladies, that there are people like Nadia who inspire in-the-closet people like me.

Usually, people (me included) associate fashion with having to be skinny to wear beautiful clothes. Why not? I mean, most clothing companies make the beautiful clothes in small sizes. However, even if this may be a downer on us plump girls, it inspires us to get creative. It inspires us to hold up, stop listening to people who talk about us and just express ourselves the way WE want to.

Nadia uses color. Nadia bares her belly. She wears heels. She breaks all the don'ts in fashion that plump women impose on themselves. She takes risks and looks beautiful at it. That's why she inspires me.

Visit her blog


  1. Wow. Love her <3

    1. she's such an inspiration, right? :)

  2. Replies
    1. me too! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. Replies
    1. super nice colors noh! reminded me of your outfit lastnight! :)

  4. LOVE her!

  5. hi there farrah... just droppin by :) i see you've been joining events. good for you ^__^

    this is very nice. i don't know if you've seen this blog... just a suggestion :) the blogger here is chubby too... plus i like her personality.. unique. not to mention her tattoos! :D

    1. Wow! thanks for the suggestion tessa! Kakainspire din siya! she has 7000+ followers! :))



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