SR Picks: SheInside Skirts


Leopard Ball Gown Mini Pleated Skirt pictures

Pink Pleated Chiffon Pleated Full-Length Sleeve Skirt pictures

Top to bottom:
*Zara bohemian skirt
*Geometric bandage skirt
(in love with the patterns!)
*Leopard mini pleated skirt
*Pink pleated chiffon skirt

all from SheInside
(You can click the photo to go to the product listing)

Just a quick post before I study for my LAST EXAM tomorrow! (Summer, here I come!!)
Been obsessing about getting a skirt for the longest time now (It's the TWR influence, I tell you!). But, my mom is discouraging me from buying one cause she says I'll look fugly funny. :/ I don't know if I should go ahead and buy and just wear and not care about what people say OR take her advice in mind (afterall, she's just looking out for my fashion well-being).

What do you say? Take risks or play it safe? :o

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