Aggravated Shopping


My mom and close friends know that if I buy stuff for myself using my own money, I tend to be a fickle shopper who gets buyer's remorse after! I like shopping alone so when I find something I like, I immediately call them up and ask "Should I buy this?" Then right after I pay for my purchases, I call them up again and tell them "I shouldn't have bought this! I feel so guilty!"
I don't know why that happens, though it never does when I buy food! Haha :-)

Anyway, I kind of had a bad day at school. Some events just made me so aggravated! You can just read why on my Twitter if you wanna know cause I don't want to rant here. 

I went to the mall to do some errands after class. I went inside through the bookstore. I wanted to buy this book by Nick Hornby but it was too expensive. It was funny cause I was browsing through the shelves then I chanced upon the Gossip Girl book! I plucked it out and it was 184.50php. The others were all regular price! So, lucky me! =)) It's funny cause I've always wanted this book. I chanced upon this Pretty Little Liars book at the discount pile while I waited in line. I don't know why it was on sale; it's still in really good condition! I got it for 99php :)

I went to the newly-opened Love Diva here in Davao to get the accessories I've been eyeing since I first visited. I got a necklace with a lip pendant (I dunno, I just have a penchant for lip-shaped stuff!), maroon cloth necklace and a mustache necklace for my sister. They have a sale rack with stuff at 200php each, but if you buy 3, you get it at 500php! No regrets since the maroon necklace alone looks like it costs more than 500 bucks! I was so inspired that I want to create my own! If only I had time.

Anyway, it's March!!! I've announced the giveaway winner on my Twitter account and I messaged her on Facebook already. Still picking out my winner for the best answer! =)


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