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I took my last 4 exams today so hello sem break and hello blogging! Before I start posting about Japan, I have to get rid of a few backlogs first. So the night before I left for Manila a month ago, Saging Repablik invited a few bloggers over to try their latest menu offerings. Well, I've already tried and liked (and even written about Saging Repablik here!) so I  didn't mind paying another visit just to try some other items on the menu.

Ever since Saging Repablik's opened last June, it's been the place to be! They brought together a concept which included industrially themed interiors--something different and new to the Davao scene--and a menu that incorporates bananas--something which isn't at all uncommon in Davao, to bring you this very cool, very Instagrammable place.

Let's start with my ultimate fave from that night: Orange Walnut Chicken. I was pretty hesitant to have a bite since I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to food, but Ree-Ann, who was seated beside me, encouraged me to! I'm glad I did. It tasted a little tangy-sweet. That's my thing now--I like balancing some salty/savory/tangy with sweet. Huehue

Next up is the Chicken Afrinana (chicken afritada with banana). The color kind of set me off because I'm more used to having afritada in a more vibrant tomato sauce (ano daw?pati color theory dinala sa pagkain, maapply lang yung pagkafashion blogger! Haha), though I was right, the dish to me was so-so. For afritada, it could've used a little more flavor.

This is the beer battered fish with banana chips. Apparently, the sauce also has some banana in it too! I didn't get to try this though! It got wiped out before I could! :)

This is the Chicken Cordon Bleu. I also didn't get to try it. :(

These are the ribs, they're also pretty sweet. I only had a little bite again. They look like the humbananacue, which is--you guessed it--humba with banana cue.

These are chickenana pops, which is one of the safer items on the menu. I mean, fried food is always safe--except for you know, your arteries. Huehue. (Here I am, trying to make a joke and failing at it.....) By the way, another must-try is the chicken salpicao. Now that I've written about it, I can't stop thinking about it--the sauce, the chicken bites, plus the garlic! Oh, the garlic!! =))

On to the best part though.....desserts!

This is the linginging, which is like banana cubes, coated, fried and sprinkled with chocolate syrup and confectioner's sugar. It was okay. I thought that the coating made it a little bland; I guess I'm just more used to sweeter desserts.

Presenting the Turonutella: If you're a Nutella lover, get this! The banana was just oozing in Nutella! I swear, Saging Repablik never scrimps on Nutella.

Banana cream pie. It was a little too rich for me, which says a lot since I'm a dessert lover. It has a graham crust with chocolate and banana sauce/mousse layers with whipped cream on top...and chocolate chips to the side! Haha

This is the Frosted Double Gatchocolatto, which was made for sharing. Perfect for dates. ;)

Saging Repablik also has a merchandise shop where they sell shirts and bags. I forgot to ask if the shirts were made of banana fiber though.....

We were also offered some fresh pomelo or pineapple juice. I picked pineapple and it was probably the best pineapple juice I tasted! It wasn't at all acidic and was just the right amount of sweet. They also have dark chocolate (60%, if I'm not mistaken) but it was a little too bitter for my taste. What made my night sweeter though (as if the desserts didn't make the night sweet already!) was meeting new people--Ralston, Elaine, Ree-ann and Klyde--and seeing my old favorites--Dawn and Rien! :)

Visit Saging Repablik at Tionko St, Davao City
Twitter: @sagingrepablik


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