Hello from Tokyo!


I've been very blessed. I'm currently in Japan for the JENESYS program. I arrived last Monday and it is my first time here. I'm extremely lucky that I was able to come at a minimal cost! The Japanese government shouldered most of the expenses for the trip, save for the pocket money which had to come from our own pockets. Even still, I've been very blessed and fortunate that I have really generous relatives who made sure I had enough to really enjoy this trip. Today is our last day in Tokyo though and would you believe there was a typhoon this morning?! When we left Chiba, which is an hour's bus ride away, the winds were crazy strong, but when we got to Tokyo at around 1 pm, the sun was shining bright! :)  

striped top: H&M || plaid polo: thrifted || shorts and shoes: SM department store
For most of the week, we were on a tight schedule. We've been given a little free time today so I sneaked in some time to post! Can't wait for the next few days and can't wait to show you what I've been up to! :)
Hope you like this simple outfit from the Saging Repablik Bloggers' Night held about a month ago (eep!).


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