The Return of the Comeback


I never thought I could go a month without updating my blog. Before, I used to think it absurd that people couldn't be able to actually find time to update their blog until it happened to me. September has been nothing but all sorts of busy. This led me to call it #SuperSeptember

Since exam week (which, on my count, has been 4 weeks ago) my plate has been full. So full that I had to *gasp* quit the gym for the mean time. Add to that, my pretty much new 1 month old laptop conked out on me (AJSBASBAHBSA and in the middle of a huge wave of requirements!) which did not work in my favor all the more. Thank God I got it back yesterday and I'm past all those submissions; only down to the last few before I leave for Japan next week! :)

A week ago, I left for Manila to attend UP KEM's annual Students' National Chemical Engineering Conference (sNCEC). Since UP implemented the academic calendar shift, the event's been moved to September instead of the last week of August (National Heroes Day weekend or KEM's birthday weekend). This is my FOURTH time to attend sNCEC and even though I promised myself I wouldn't, the topic this year was too good to pass up. This year's topic was on Energy, something which I'm very interested in. My sister is also currently working in Manila, so my mom allowed me to go so I can squeeze in a visit with her as well.

This year's sNCEC was a bit disappointing for me. I hoped a lot of alumni would go but only my friend Hal went and he was busy with registration so we didn't really get to chat. The topics were nice but the speakers failed to sustain my interest; I think I enjoyed San Miguel Brewery's company talk more. I did, however, enjoy showing my classmates around my old school, although I realized something important. I miss UP, but UP is just not the same without the people you went to school with there. I waxed nostalgic, sure, but I couldn't imagine myself going back to school there again now that there's a different set of people around. Funny, huh? A few years ago, I was very much against any thought of calling any other school but UP my own..but Ateneo's slowly making its way to my heart. #chaux

My only photo with a KEMer: Nico, my co-app

I managed to get a few snaps of the new buildings I didn't get to reach--like this. I don't even know what this houses! I wish I had more than half a day to take a walking tour to show you around the places I hung out when I went to UP (as I promised previously) but I hope these few will have to do. (BTW, I didn't get to visit the new ChE building :( ) I did manage to have my friend Jois take some outfit shots:

 EEE building. Nung andun ako, isa palang yan--yung nasa pinakaright!

I didn't wear that to the conference though! I changed after the afternoon session was over because I would be meeting up with my high school friends for dinner. It was my first time at Robinson's Magnolia and my first time to try ramen! I always thought it was something so over-hyped and overrated but it was a welcome treat after getting wet in the drizzle (walked from Katip to the LRT station and the LRT station to RobMag with no umbrella at all--di na ako taga-Manila). Mithi and I just shared a bowl of not-so spicy ramen because the bowls are HUGE. So thankful most of us were there despite the rain. :) This was also one of the times I realized that we really are growing up and that we're such a far cry from our high school (even college) selves. Wanna know one of the reasons why? Mga 9-10pm nagkayayaan nang umuwi kasi it's past most of our bedtimes. Haha!

FHM :)
 Forever 21 romper|| thrifted denim cover-up|| Pull and Bear scarf|| SM maroon sneakers

Til the next post! :)

PS. I am fully aware that "the return of the comeback" is ironic. Return na nga, comeback pa?? Haha


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