Classes ended for me a few days ago so finally, it's hello summer vacation for me! :)

This is what I wore to the last washday of the school year. I had one (my last for the sem!) exam that day and if you don't know this already, one tidbit about me is that I like to dress up on exam days that fall on washdays. Why? Cause if I bomb the exam, at least I'd look good but if I don't, then better. Beauty and brains, dibaaaa? (bodynalangkulang) Haha.

It was hard to think of an outfit cause I had recently cleaned my closet to get rid of things I don't wear and the things that don't fit anymore so I had the barest of the bare to work with. (BTW, what is it with doing a major overhaul of my room and finals week? Despite being extra busy, I always find myself allotting time to clean my room haha) But my sister had just gotten home from attending the OneDirection concert the previous weekend so I thought why not get inspired by that?


I can't call myself a super fan but since I live with one, I've been exposed non-stop to their songs and even grown to love some of them. I've also gotten to know them somehow through their voices (Harry's and Zayn's voices are my faves) and their style. Harry's style (see what I did there? haha) is the easiest to recreate and the best in conveying the British 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' vibe that I love. Harry is also known for his boots, but I don't have the perfect pair of boots (that wouldn't make my calves look fat) so I just settled for sneaks.


It was kinda sad cause that day, I woke up to the news that Zayn had decided to leave the band. It was a tad unfair cause he left the tour starting the Manila shows! Now Filipino Directioners will never see them complete! :( #affected


I was happy on my end though cause I aced the exam and considering everything, I think it's safe to say that I will be moving up to my 5th (and last) year next year! Huzzah!
Finally, I'll be graduating next year! #claimingit


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