The 7-list: Signs that you grew up a Good Girl


I've always been acutely aware of how good of a goody-two-shoes I am--I was never one of the cool girls nor part of the cool group at school, I was socially awkward and I never rebelled. I grew up never really feeling confident in myself--except when it came to academics cause I knew in that, I at least had a fighting chance--until I went to college when I met my group of friends and they showed me that I had something to offer to the world. Even now that I'm not so much of a good girl, I think I still can't shake the good girl perception people have of me. Did you grow up like me too? Read on to find out:

7. You cared about your grades and extra-curriculars.

Hermione was your spirit animal growing up. You had a planner in high school (I don't know about y'all but I did haha). You had lists: to-do lists, goal lists, plans for the future list, etc. (The list habit carried on that's why you're reading this list. Haha) You started on your homework when it was given. You generally feel squeamish about letting someone copy especially when you worked so hard on it but let your classmates copy anyway cause that's who you are, you're the nice girl. Yeah, that was me.

6. Your friends' parents compare you to them all the time. 
(Either that or your friend uses your name to get her parents' permission to go out)

It's kind of awkward (but awesome HAHA) when your friends' or cousins' parents compare them to you especially when you're in the same room. It's even weirder when your friend uses your name to get her parents' permission to go out.

Friend's parent: Who are you going to be with?
Friend: I'll be with sina Farrah *magic word*
Friend's parent: Oh, okay, have fun. Be home before 12.

5. Other people take pride in growing up bad, you take pride in growing up good.
Some people take pride in the crazy shit they did while you take pride in the fact that you're so strait-laced. Yes, I'm a really good moral compass, I have discipline and self-control. LOL

which brings me to...

4. When people talk about the crazy shit they used to do, you hardly have any stories of your own.

While people were experimenting with drinking and playing hooky, one of the 'craziest' things I did was steal a magazine from a waiting room. LOL.

Which is kinda sad. Or not, because at least, no ragrets.

3. You started late in the game.
When you did decide that it was okay to let loose, you were a bit older than your friends. When my pals were starting to enjoy the liberties college brought by cutting class, I had a squeaky clean record in my first year. Yes, even if I knew the profs wouldn't check attendance. I also swore off alcohol...until I got my first sip in my second or third year of college. Haha.

2. Your parents trust you.

I think this is one of the signs that you are a good girl. You're so strait-laced that your parents trust your judgment. Sometimes, they even push you out the door to have a little fun! This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Whenever I stay out late, my parents don't bombard me with calls asking me where I am. I'm very lucky that my parents and I have an open relationship because I know not everyone has that.

1. You can't call yourself a good girl now...but you can't shake the label off either.

I have done some pretty crappy things that had some tails wagging because it was very unlike me, but at the end of the day, I still am known as the good girl in the family.

Are you a good girl too? Share some of your good girl stories with me too! :)


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