The 7-list: My Favorite Coffee Shops to Study at in Davao


When I was studying in UP (mostly in my first year anyway), my friends and I would troop to coffee shops along Katipunan during finals week to go on dates with our books, camp out and do our papers. A big part of the reason why we did it was cause our dorm did not have internet then, so it was a necessity. There were also fringe benefits like seeing cute guys around while studying. =)) (#medyomalandi but hello, wag na tayong magplastikan, we need inspiration while studying)

I don't frequent coffee shops in Davao as I did in Manila. We have internet at home, I'm trying to cut back on spending and calories (haha!) and I find it counterproductive to stay up all night to study (I need my sleep if I'm to function well in the morning). Sometimes though, having to study in a coffee shop can't be avoided, especially when I can't concentrate at home or when I have group work. I'm not a med or a law student but I think I've been to enough coffee shops to know which ones are most conducive to studying (at least for me), which one has the cute guys (*wink*) and which one is open 24/7. In honor of Finals Week, I present to you my list of 7 of the best coffee shops to study at in Davao. I picked 7 cause that's my favorite number although I admit it was hard to narrow the list down to 7! :)

7) Coffee Cat
Sutherland Compound, Davao City

My favorite thing about Coffee Cat is their New York loft-type industrial interiors and the high tables other than the fact that it's hidden. They also serve Yogo yogurt and have a lot of flavors of frappe to choose from.

6) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Branches in The Peak, Gaisano Mall; Abreeza & SM Lanang Davao
Sunday to Thursday - 7:30am to 1:00am Friday to Saturday - 7:30am to 2:00am


If I were to pick a large coffee chain that was best to study at, it would be CBTL. Their drinks are generally pricier and you need a Swirl Card to avail of the internet, but if it's peace and quiet you want, CBTL is your best bet. I like the branch at The Peak, Gaisano Mall best.

5) Green Coffee
branches: F. Torres St., Bajada, & Marfori Hts
Open 24/7


Green Coffee is a favorite of many students probably cause they're one of the few coffee shops in Davao open 24/7. So among all the coffee shops I've reviewed, they definitely have the most cute guys (hehehe =)) ) Green Coffee's also very social media savvy, looking to Facebook and Twitter to interact with their customers. They usually offer their promos, like the ONE peso drinks, in their social media sites. So you better follow them! :)

4) Coffee at Yellow Hauz
V. Mapa St, cor Mabini St, Davao City
Open 8:00am-12mn

Coffee at Yellow Hauz, Davao, Philippines

Yellowhauz is one of my favorite places to study at because it's quiet and homey. I love the fact they're a bit hidden, but located in Mabini which is near all my favorite food places so it would make for a great post-date hang-out place, perfect for continuing those intimate getting-to-know-each-other conversations. I also love the fact that they serve food too! My favorite's the spaghetti. The servings are large and taste good too. :) They also have a small conference room for meetings.

3) BluGre Coffee
 Landco Corporate Center, Bajada, Davao City

One of the original homegrown Davao coffee shops, BluGre Landco is frequented by older patrons, so compared to other coffee shops, it's pretty quiet.  They have a lot of branches in Davao but the Landco one is my favorite cause it's located within the city yet is still quite hidden. If I'm in the South, I like the one at MTS too cause it's big. I go there to get my favorite Choco Torte. Caution: bring a jacket since their air conditioning can get a bit chilly.

2) Bo's Coffee
Metro Lifestyle Fitness Center Compound, F. Torres St, Davao City
Open 24/7


Bo's Coffee has multiple branches in the city but my favorite one to study at is their branch in Torres. I love that branch because it's one of the few that's open 24/7, is far from my house but is pretty accessible to me and you can easily get a ride. It's also near a gym so there's also a steady stream of cute guys. HAHA (OM what's wrong with me?) I also like their playlist. Their huge table inside is a big pro for me, especially if I have lots of stuff. It's a con if it's full when you arrive as Bo's Torres is also a favorite study place of a lot of people in the metro.

Edit (9/22): I'm changing my number 1 to...

1) The Purple Bean
Star Oil, Cabantian, Davao City

Pros: It's really near my house, they serve food & their pastries are from Sugar Munch (I don't have to go far to get my fix! =)) Their internet is really, really fast!
Cons: It's really near my house, they don't have a Facebook page (and, it's closed on Sundays)

Lastly, there's a restobar on top but it doesn't make that much noise though so that's both a pro and con depending on how you look at it =))

 If you have any you can add to the list, comment up!

PS. If you're coffee shop camping, here are some of the generally unspoken rules.
Hope this helps! :)

-------Edit (9/22/2015)-------

Because 7 coffee shops are too little, here are other places I recommend:

1) Kalakoa Coffee Hut (3/F Abreeza Corporate Center)
Pros: Their internet is fast, they have buy 1 take 1 pizza at 280php (which is really good by the way!) and their drinks are really affordable!
Cons: It's located inside Abreeza: although it's in a secluded area, it can get noisy and there's no outlet for charging!

2) Kopi Roti (Jacinto Extension, Davao City)
Pros: The Milo Dinosaur. At 53php, it's super super super sulit to order. It's proximity also makes it a winner--it's near Tacobana if you wanna eat dinner and Happy Cakes, which is a really cool home cafe which makes me feel like a Tita of Davao (to be blogged soon!)
Cons: you have to pay for charging and the seats aren't that comfy
3) Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion Dormitel (Roxas Blvd, Davao City)

Pros: the ambiance is EVERYTHING!! Close proximity to schools but it's hidden so it's not super noisy (unless there are a lot of people)
Cons: Limited items on menu if you wanna eat


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  1. Hi farrah! :) I agree with you. My top study places in Davao are CBTL Gaisano Mall and Abreeza. Blugre MTS is also a favorite hang out place. Most of them are too far from home though! For that reason I find SM Ecoland more convenient. Bo's in SM Ecoland is small but it's silent (well at least for the times I've spent there), thus conducive for learning. Anyway, I haven't tried studying in coffee cat and yellow haus. I'll try visiting them when I get back. Thanks for the list! :)

    1. Hi Karlalily! Since when did you need to study in Davao? Hehe. Since Med?

      Oo nga, Bo's in SME is small but I like to people watch there! :) Sometimes mas gusto ko mag-aral downtown since malayo naman yung binyahe ko so dapat mag-aral ako. If near the house kasi matetempt akong umuwi agad pag pagod na =)))

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Could you also consider the lighting, most of the coffee shops you've mentioned were places I have been to, like bo's and firenzo have bad lighting while gc has good lighting but there a lot of people making it a little a bit noisy. Hoping for a refference for other coffee shops you have mentioned that I haven't been to, cause I don't want to waste my money going to shops that I would feel not worth it. Could you also mention if they offer rice meals or pastas.
    Oh yeah, thanks for your blog it helped and srry for asking a lot ��

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog! these were from last year pa and I'm based in Manila now so these aren't updated. I think in general, coffee shops naman talaga have dim lighting. You can always come in the afternoon though; it's nice to work in Bo's in the afternoon. I think Demitasse (2nd flr) is also good pag gabi.



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