A Simple T-shirt DIY (+ What to Wear to the BIGGEST Paint Party of the Year!)



The BIGGEST Paint Party is hitting Davao in less than a week!

This Saturday, March 14, Raveolution Neon Utopia hits Davao for its first leg of tours around the country. I don't normally go out during Araw ng Davao events cause there's people everywhere BUT after a hellish couple of months filled with consecutive submissions, I need a release ;) I've already got my tickets and my shirt (can anyone say excited?) but problem is, I don't like the shirt's neckline. So, I thought of doing a little DIY project.


I got a shirt cause I knew things would get messy (duh, paint festival) but, the neckline's pretty high up and if I wore that it would look like I'd be more suited to exercise rather than party.


My inspiration was an off-the-shoulder look cause the boho look is one of the top trends of the year, showing off my shoulders would put the focus on my face (and not on my body, huehue) AND because off-the-shoulder tops are just basically associated with music festivals. Plus, it's easy and I didn't want to do a DIY that involved sewing :))

1) Measure the shirt. The sleeves are about 12 cm each side so I measured 6 cm off each side and marked it off.


2) Cut the shirt. After you're satisfied, cut the shirt off!


I cut a bit off the bottom too!

Voila, you're done! :)

Pretty easy, huh? I did mine in about 5 minutes.

There are a LOT of other ways you can spruce up your shirt. I chose this because I don't want to show too much skin with all the cut-outs; it's just not my style (and I don't have the body for it...yet!)

So some more tips for the party:

1) Wear closed shoes. Don't wear slippers! Your feet are gonna get stepped on!! Best bet are the jelly shoes or those 200php sneaks from SM which you can throw out after.

2) Wear something comfortable and have no qualms parting with after. shorts are ideal as well as cheap tops you wouldn't mind throwing out after.

3) If you have to bring a bag, bring a small sling waterproof one. Only bring the essentials:
PMILK--Phone*, Money, ID, Lipstick, Keys

*Don't forget to charge your phone!

4) And a very Titas of Manila advice from me: Bring your own water and leave it in the car (if you're bringing a car). Water prices at stalls go up to 4x the usual price!

and the most important:


Take care and Have fun!
See you!

PS. You can still buy tickets


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