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It's been awhile since my last fitness post, and in the last one, I promised I'd post a bit about my workout. This is a boxing workout I did at Empire Boxing Davao. I got a free workout because of my last post but only got to avail of it recently cause I live in the other side of town. We had a technical exhibit at SM Davao which required us to be there for a couple of days. So, since I was in that area anyway, not enrolled in the gym at the moment and in need of a workout, I ended up at Empire. Everything worked out to my favor. Huehue


After warming up (usually a ride on the stationary bike, or jump rope) and stretching, my trainers (in both Smashville and Empire) make me do circuits. I do 4 rounds of 6 exercises using 5lb weights. I used to abhor these circuits but I noticed that they make my lungs stronger. If I had to pic an exercise among the 6 that I really hate, it's the one where I have to jump then squat. (last photo) HAHA


Up next is my favorite part: BOXING!! My trainers make me do only 3-5 rounds usually, with 3 minutes per round and 30 seconds of rest in between. I stopped going to the gym for a month so I noticed that I got slower though. :(


I think I got tired I punched the wrong way. Sometimes I kind of memorize the combinations my (Smashville) trainer makes me do so I have little to no problems, but I'm rarely in Empire so I had to get used to this trainer's combo. HAHA (medyo madaya)


My trainer teaching me the right way to do my upper cuts.


After, I do 2 rounds of bag work. Not really a fan of that cause I still feel like I punch like a girl and I don't know how to bob and weave properly (I don't know if I'm doing it right?), but most of the guys I go boxing with like doing bag work more. 

In Empire, after the bag work, there's 2 rounds of the speed bag (which is like 3 mins of rest for me since I can't get the hang of it, eep) and 2 rounds of the fast bag thing (I don't know what it's called but it's more fun than the speed bag).

The workout ends with a ab exercises (planks, sit-ups and the like) and a massage (yummm, best part of the workout). The receptionist from Empire who took my photos forgot to take 'em during the latter part so I don't have photos of the ab workouts. Next time, maybe! :)

Sobrang problemado haha

Empire Boxing Davao
3/F Uncle Mark Bldg, Quimpo Blvd,
Ecoland, Davao City

Many thanks to ate receptionist who took my photos :)


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