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Happy April 1st!

Can anyone believe how fast the year is going? The first quarter of the year is officially over!

Anyway, I've mentioned recently that I cleaned out my closet, so now I'm currently in the process of re-building my wardrobe. It's a little disheartening for someone like me who envisions herself going out of the stores with so many bags in hand cause think about it, I have to save money first and then really think of each piece I'm gonna be buying. By then, I'd end up so exhausted that I wouldn't be able to buy anything. That is..until I found dresslink.com!

Dresslink.com offers the cheapest clothes and accessories. I think they supply most online shops that's why you can buy in bulk. They also offer dropshipping, if you're looking to start a business. Aside from their clothes coming at dirt-cheap prices, I also love the fact that they carry my size! Yessir, that's right. They have US 8-12, and for some pieces, even up to US 16! This is good cause some online shops only carry smaller sizes. With my size and dirt-cheap prices, getting the items on my "wish list" doesn't sound so far off now!

My wishlist includes a Mulberry Alexa-inspired bag (been coveting one since forever!), a white off shoulder top (perfect for summer, yeah?), another off shoulder top in both black and white (this is different because it has a fringe trim at the end, perfect for the boho trend that's going on this year), a fringe kimono, a sports-inspired top (in both colors!) and lakas-makayaman sleeveless tops I can wear with pants or shorts on lazy days. (pwedeng backless, pwede din hindi)

All in all that's less than $100 for 10 pieces!
Click the photos to see so yourself! :)

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