The 7-list: Signs You Come from a BIG Family


Happy National Siblings Day!
In honor of this occasion, I created a list inspired by today's "holiday". A little background: I'm the eldest in a brood of 5. We're 4 girls and the youngest is a boy, just like the movie "Four Sisters and a Wedding" (my parents waited for a boy. LOL). One of my sisters is currently working in Manila. And recently, one of my sisters went to Manila to watch the OneDirection concert so there were 3 of us left here. I don't know, even though there were still three of us left home, the house still felt unnervingly quiet. I guess I'm just used to having a lot of people home. So even though I get annoyed of belonging to a big family from time to time (especially when I want something expensive and I have to make way since there are other children to consider #eldestproblems), I don't think I would have it any other way.

PS. It's so hard to narrow things down to just 7!

cuzzie peg: the Diaz girls
7. You always have someone to talk to, play with or go out with. You have default friends!
My mom told me that she used to be okay with not having a lot of friends cause her sisters (she has 5) were enough. Their closeness extended to the next generation cause even with us cousins, we're like siblings! :)
Dizon girls
6. You (have to) share clothes, both a pro and con.
(Or get hand-me-downs, for others)
My sisters, mom and I are lucky we're almost all the same size (even in footwear!) so we borrow clothes a lot. This is a pro, when I like something they have. ;) It's a con when there's borrowing involved without asking. The rules are: the owner has to wear it first AND you have to ask permission before borrowing. I'm already thinking about how much my wardrobe will lack when I move out cause I borrow a lot from Feebee!
All Garcia sisters for Ateneo 2014-2015..supposedly. Felicia didn't pursue in her 2nd course though cause she got hired already
5. You can't just cook for one. Diets are gonna be hard.
Whenever I buy food to eat or cook, I have to get it in a BIG batch cause it's either the others ask for some, or if I'm cooking, will smell it and ask for some. I learned this after having my mom tell me "Why didn't you cook for everyone?" multiple times. Plus, it's an ugly feeling to eat what you want while your siblings drool in front of you.

I can't diet as well cause I'll get jealous if they cook yummy food, which happens a lot when I try to diet :< I can't force them to eat my diet food even if I cook it in big batches though.

4. You eat fast!
You know you're from a big family when you have to make a mad dash to the dining table if you don't want to run out of food! The last one always gets the leftover parts (or sometimes has to wash the dishes!) Bet your dollar I'm always first at the table hahahahaha :P

3.  You're always running late.
I don't know about other families but no matter how early we start getting ready, we're always late! 
matching #ootds again!

2. You get called a name that isn't yours. Or in my dad's case, he has to roll call everyone.
"Oh Farrah, ay Felicia, ay Timmy pala" when he wants to call Feebee. Haha
I think this is one of the major signs you've got a big family.
dami kasi naming babae eh

1. Even if it gets noisy, crowded, annoying, etc, you can't deny it's more fun having a big family.
There's always someone to talk to, always something to do, always someone to ask out when you're bored, the list goes on. :)
#TBT to when my brother wasn't taller than us yet
Happy National Siblings Day! :)


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