Foodie Friday: Overnight Oats


When I was younger, oatmeal had a bad rap (reputation) for me. It was good for you, sure, but it was bland. I thought it was food for old people, and I always associated it with the feeling of eating paper. There were flavored oats too, but even then I didn't willingly eat oatmeal until I absolutely had to (like the morning after an extremely greasy meal). Anyway, good thing people are so creative with food and overnight oats were born! I love overnight oats since it's so easy to make and it's really flavorful! Plus, you can customize it to however you want!
Since oatmeal is bland, it makes the best base to add whatever you want. It also easily absorbs the flavors of the things you've added (the same way it soaks the grease in your digestive tract. LOL). Let me share with you one of my favorite recipes which you can do with just 4 ingredients.

The usual recipe calls for rolled oats but I used quick cooking cause they're sliced thinner.
-fruit of your choice
For mine, I picked banana. Some others use berries, avocados, apples, etc.
-something to soak your oatmeal in
I picked the Oishi Oaties milk (no, I'm not sponsored by them. It's just that it's way cheaper than the fresh milk of the same size. Then again, it's not pure cow's milk). You can use fresh milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, greek yogurt, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk. Whatever floats your boat.
-something to add to the sweetness
It's okay not to add something sweet if you find the fruits enough, but I added Nutella because for one, who doesn't love Nutella? Two, we had a huge jar of the stuff at home. Three, Nutella goes well with bananas. Lastly, I added Nutella because I can. LOL
Some people choose peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate spreads, chocolate (M&Ms). Some people even add protein powder! Anyway....
I made a mess cause I was shooting with the other hand while pouring the milk in. Haha #sarilingsikap
Stir in 1 part oats to 1 part milk. (I think I used more--about 1.5 more times milk cause I don't like dry oats)
Add the bananas/fruit.
Some recipes put in the fruit the next day but since I'm bad ass, I put it in with the milk.
Add cinnamon (optional).
Cinnamon is so good with bananas and peanut butter.
Lastly, add in a dollop of Nutella.
Because even though we're trying to be healthy, life is a whole lot sweeter with chocolate. :)
And life's too short not to indulge a little!!!

You can also add superfood like chia seeds or flax seeds. :)
Place overnight in refrigerator (or at least 4 hours).
PS. I don't have a photo of the finished product because I obviously was too excited to eat it :))
PPS. Try out the recipe and tell me what you think! :)
PPPS. You can search for other overnight oats recipes online. Some others are more complex though.


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