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Looking back at my old posts had me cringing a LOT. What was I thinking?! Like literally. I was bigger but still had the guts to go for neons, etc. I had a whole lot going on for me!! If not that, I dressed so shabbily but still posted it online, for the sake of posting. Oh well, all for posterity's sake. :)) It'll be a reminder that I can't be arrogant or judge-y of other people's fashion faux pas cause I also had my days.


I guess I can blame that on me trying to find my style--this coming from someone who thought she had it down pat! Honestly though, I've always struggled when getting dressed for the day. I always thought I tried too hard to look how I thought a blogger should look, and I guess that showed. There were certain instances I felt uncomfortable and they registered on photographs (well, at least to me)! Right now, I guess I can say I've finally found that balance where I can dress like my age--young, (a little) fun but can still be taken seriously.


This is one of my faaaaavorite outfits to date: it's easy, breezy and beautiful (not to mention comfortable). Covergirl :)) I can see myself wearing this to work (with heels to be taken seriously, of course) or on my down days/weekend jaunts (with flats cause that's how I normally roll).


I don't know which part of my outfit I love more: my Philip Lim 3.1-inspired bag from or the pajama pants from Esmara which I keep wearing everywhere!


Watcha think? :)


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