10 Things About Farrah



I've had these set of photos for quite a while now but could never think of what to write about. Then, I remembered getting tagged in one of those "20 things about me" posts on Facebook some months ago but could never get around to answering them. So, now that I'm relatively free (my exam weekS ended yesterday, and on a pretty good note nonetheless), I thought I would indulge myself in writing a post...about myself (Sooooo narcissistic. LOL). I only kept it at 10 cause I can't think of anything more than that.

Clean Lines



Whenever I have toxic days, or exam days that fall on a wash day, I make it a point to dress up. That's so if I don't do well on the exam, at least I still look (and feel) good. If I do well, then the extra time I spent fixing up (or thinking of my outfit) wouldn't seem like such a waste. Haha! Justify pa. I haven't done a mixed print look in a while, and I'd like to think I've toned down a little in terms of picking outfits to wear to school, so this is a different kind of mixed print look--a bit more subtle. I haven't taken outfit shots for school in a long time so thank you Alex Ellevera for offering to take these for me! Haha. :) This is gonna be a quick post for now as I have some studying to get back to; just needed a break. (PS. Can you believe both my Saturday classes will have exams on the 14th?!! Profs, please show us some love! :( )

More photos after the jump!

A Touch of Marsala


This year's Color of the Year is Marsala, an earthy wine red. As was last year, I had no doubt that this would be this year's color because as early as around October or November, I've been seeing merchandise left and right in this hue. It may seem tame (or boring to some) compared to last year's vibrant Radiant Orchid, but I still like the color. In fact, it's one of the colors I associate to the Fall season, and regular blog readers would know how much I love Fall/Winter dressing! :)

Caffe Antoccino



Happy new month!

Since it's February (and love/date month), I thought I'd share a place you can take your special someone to. BTW, this is so cliche but your special someone doesn't have to be your lover; it can be your sibling, best friend or even your parents! Anyway, I saw this place while walking to the gym from school and immediately put it on my "To-try" list. After trying, it's now on my "Must" list! Must eat there again, must go back, must (most) recommended! :)


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