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They say your 20's are the best time to be adventurous with clothing. Your 20's are essentially, the best time to discover what your personal style is. However, I realize that being in your 20's does not exactly give you license to wear what you want. There are some outfits best reserved for teens. This outfit is something I wore for the first washday of the semester. I was supposed to wear them with boots but chose to wear sneakers because the outfit with boots made me look like a hooker, although  the same outfit with boots looked great on my 16 year old sister. The key is to find the right balance of youthful yet mature (oxymoron? haha) but not frumpy. 

What I'm wearing: Old Navy denim jacket, H&M skirt (I bought a longer skater skirt than the Cotton On one I have so the guards at school would have no reason to scold me, but I was still warned cause the back of my skirt was shorter than the front #bigbootyproblems), thrifted bag, bowler hat from Shibuya 109, SM sneakers

PS. I'm trying this thing where I write less lengthy entries as I try to regroup and find the right words and inspiration to finish all my backlogs from Japan. Huhu. What do you think though? Long or short blog posts?


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