Taking Chances


There's often a risk involved when one decides to put themselves out there. For example, when I put up my fashion blog, I knew there was a chance I could get teased or even criticized for it (thankfully, I haven't heard of anything bad so far) but I chose to do so because I liked what I was doing. As long as I wasn't hurting anybody then I know I'm good. Risks aside though, the rewards can be even greater. There's a perk to putting yourself out there too--it sets you apart. I know so many beautiful, talented, smart and fashionable girls who I believe have more right to have a blog following than I do and have the potential to be famous at that. I've tried suggesting this to them but they are scared to and thus, the world does not see their awesomeness. I get it though. "It's often not cool to be the person who puts themselves out there", goes one of my favorite quotes from Emma Watson.

I brought the topic up because I did something very uncharacteristic of me the other day--I put myself out there again. I'm very play it safe--I take calculated risks, if you may call them that--and I only do things I really like and know I can follow through with. The other day, I volunteered to work on a research project with my teacher and classmates. It was special because it wasn't my research proposal to begin with but then I really wanted to learn research so I gave it a go and I'm glad that I did because my teacher allowed me to work on it even though I wasn't part of the group that made the proposal. =)) I still feel giddy about it; excuse the nerdiness. So anyway, here are some photos from the beautiful resort we stayed at in Chiba, Seimeinomori Resort.

This is one of the cabins we stayed at. It was one of the biggest ones. There was 8 of us in it, and 4 in the others.

A few minutes walk away from the cabins was the hotel where we had a buffet breakfast the first day we were there. I loved the whole feel of the resort. With the autumn season around the corner, it felt so much like Central Park (well, at least I wanted it to feel that way haha).

Since I felt like I was at Central Park anyway, might as well dress the part. Here, I felt pretty much in place with my red trench coat--kind of like Blair Waldorf. :-)

(photos taken by my roomie, Queenie)

It was around 16-18 degrees there and while that isn't too cold, I had to have tights under my pants plus socks. :-)


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  1. Really love this trench coat! Love how your write for your blog, Farrah-gurl! Miss ya!

  2. Hey Bea burr! Thank you! I miss you too :)

  3. Blair Waldor it is! Would've looked better with suede booties though. Hihi. But still adore your outfit here!

    I also have the same thoughts about putting up my blog, but it really makes me happy in sharing my thoughts and reviews, and I really feel good when people I don't personally know thank me for doing so.


    xx Join my ongoing giveaway xx

    PS. I still didn't get to try boxing, but I've started running. :) Hihi. Hope it prepares me for boxing :)

  4. I totally agree Mica! Would've worn boots but we had a full itinerary that day so I opted for trusty comfortable flats :) These were taken before we left, while we waited for the others.

    I started running again too! I did c25k (Couch to 5K) in May but stopped mga 2nd week then tried the program again last week. I looked at my journal entries from that time and saw that I've improved! It made me so happy! Try boxing na din!! It'll help improve your lungs :)



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