Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you, who's reading this entry and everyone who still reads my blog! (Meron pa ba? Haha)

I know it's been a month since my last post and I hope you'll forgive me. Alam naman nating sobrang busy, fast and hectic ng December, especially for students like me. On the bright side, this is probably gonna be my last December as a student cause next year, I'll be spending Christmas as an engineer already! Naks, claim it na, bakla! Haha. I really had a hellish week before Christmas break started, with all the exams and requirements that were like mushrooms, springing out of nowhere! Pero siguro okay na din mag-exams noh, kesa uuwi akong late (from Manila, since that's where I plan to work) for Christmas break due to work commitments!

We have a looooot of catching up to do! First is, for the first time, my blog got nominated for Best Beauty and Fashion blog by the Davao Bloggers Society. Ma'am Leah de Castro, one-half of Davaobase and my Stoich teacher, revealed that she nominated me. Thank you ma'am! I didn't win, but it was still great to be nominated. :) Nakakainspire to continue improving my blog, although toward a different niche! Have you noticed that I don't do much outfit posts anymore? I think I outgrew them already. I do more personal and lifestyle entries now.

on a night out with my bloggies!

How did you guys spend Christmas? We spent it a little differently this year. Instead of the usual dinner we have with my dad's side of the family, my family and I decided to go our own route. My sister Feebee, who turned 18 today (yes, her birthday is on Christmas Day!), requested for a small family dinner. So we had dinner at Bistro Rosario. Overall, this Christmas season, aside from being HOT (I feel like I'm in Australia, even though I haven't been there, only cause I know their Decembers are warm), has been quiet. Our usual beshies Christmas dinner was quiet cause Lian is in Japan, Emmae is going to Japan, Dex was in Manila at the time and Lea would be spending Christmas on duty. Cindel was in Davao for a day though so yay! Haven't seen her in almost 2 years! We had dinner with her (and Lian too, over Skype). :P

SEC Christmas Party

I did something new for Christmas this year!! I ATTENDED MY FIRST EVER SIMBANG GABI.
As in. I didn't get to complete it though. But still. At first, it was about getting the wish you supposedly earn for completing it, but I missed a mass for our SEC Christmas party. And I thought, okay, what's the point of finishing it now if I won't get my wish anyway. But I quickly countered myself--God is so generous that He wouldn't naman siguro hold my wish against me, especially if in the end, it's in accordance with His plan. So in the end, it was about wanting to go. And it helped me prepare a lot for the season. It helped me realize a lot of things, like how selfish I was becoming. It made me think about whether I was a blessing to someone else. Sometimes kasi, we millenials get so selfish and entitled, but did we ever stop to think about how we can manage to make life better for someone else? Something to think about. :)

Lastly, how about that Miss Universe win by Pia Wurtzbach eh? I got so inspired by her story, like how she tried and tried so hard because that's [Miss Universe] what she wanted, and her confidence and belief in herself when she tweeted na siya na ang babawi sa Miss Universe after Pacquiao lost. I don't know about you guys, but I remember a lot of people being skeptical about it when she tweeted that, and even when she won Bb. Pilipinas, just because her look was different from the past Bb. Pilipinas-Universe winners! But she defied all odds and showed that if you dare to dream and do the dirty work, it will come true!

Merry Christmas again! :)

PS. Only a week left in 2015! Make the most out of it! :)


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