Stylish Saturdays: Wendy Nguyen


My friend Mai-mai told me that she influenced her roommate into reading my blog and that her roommate enjoyed reading my blog because I tell it like it is. (Thank you! ;)) Another thing Mai-mai told me she enjoyed were these Stylish Saturday posts, wherein I show a few of the bloggers and fashionistas whose styles I admire. I haven't posted one of these blog segments in a long time, so here's one now. :)

My featured blogger is Wendy Nguyen of Her initial claim to fame was a Youtube video gone viral about how to tie a scarf 27 ways. But I discovered her blog through her Facebook page, which was promoted on my feed. I haven't looked back since! I like that her style is very casual yet elegant. It's the kind of tasteful polished that doesn't look like one tried too hard. I especially like how she makes blazers look casual, something I'll admit I wish I could (and I'm trying to) achieve!

She can also get away with a lot of my fashion obsessions lately (fringe and feathers). She makes them look so doable and not pa-trendy!

I guess my favorite thing about her is that apart from the travels, she seems to be a normal person! By normal I mean, she repeats clothes. You can observe that when she travels. I mean, I find it cute because she really has a set of go-to items (like those boots above, which you will see again below!)

It's really cool how she makes herself look taller than her height and that she can still wear things that are normally not advised for petite girls like her. (Thigh highs, I'm looking at you!)

See what I mean about the blazers?

Anyone else's style you want me to check out? :)


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