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When the weekend rolls in, some yuppies in Manila escape the city, if only to get some peace of mind before Monday rolls in again. I, however, have gotten enough peace and greenery from my fair city to want to crave some of the hustle and bustle of the city I lived in for 3 years. (It's always been a thing my high school friends and I agree on: when we're in Davao for too long, we want the busy-ness of the city, where you never run out of anything to do; when we're in Manila for too long, we crave the peace, familiarity and open spaces Davao offers. If only there was some place we could get both in the right amounts..) Anyway, since our (last) semestral break lasted a month, I had a few days to spare when my bestie Ayessa asked me to accompany her for a few days to the metro.
I didn't really have an agenda but to see my sister and some friends, some things I wasn't able to do when I went to Manila/Laguna in October. I didn't get any check-in baggage so I didn't have to bring my DSLR camera, which meant I decided that I didn't really plan on blogging. Sometimes, it's such a hassle--to put conversations and activities on hold just to capture the perfect shot to share to the world, who'll all but forget about it once the next good thing comes around. So all of these are just photos taken with my phone or my friends' phones. I said I didn't plan on blogging, but I had a good time so of course, I wanted to share it with you.
I was on the 8:45 am flight from Davao so I got to Manila at around 10:30 am. Since I'm soooo kuripot, I commuted from NAIA 4 to Katipunan. Since I couldn't find anything on the Internet on how to get to the MRT station FROM NAIA 4, I'll just put this handy tip I learned out there. From the airport, walk down the airport road (you don't have to cross) until you see a Petron gasoline about 500m away. Cross the gas station then ride the jeep that says LRT/MRT. The jeep will take you to the Taft MRT station.

It wasn't rush hour so the trains weren't that full. I was lucky I got on at the first station so I was able to sit. It took me around 1.5 hrs to get to Katipunan via commute, just in time to meet Ayessa for lunch. Just wanted to share, I was doing so good with the commute thing until I got out at the wrong exit (dapat NORTH exit instead of South!!) at the Katipunan LRT 2 station so I had to ride a cab, ugh.

We had lunch at Mom & Tina's then dinner at Yabu (my first time!). It was super worth it, I can see why people have been raving about it before. The meat was tender and the cabbage with the dressing was so good. I'm not a huge veggie eater but I asked for refills. They also serve brown rice, which was good for our pa-healthy pagpapanggap endeavors. Haha. :P We went around shops after, but I didn't like anything so I didn't buy. (Ako ba toooo?)
couldn't resist getting a cupcake from Vanilla Cupcakery at UP Town

For Friday, I had lunch again with Ayessa at UP Town Center. Um, can I just say, the UP and ADMU kids are so lucky sosyal coz they have this? Ang yayamanin na talaga ng mga taga-UP. Afterward, I went to UP for a bit cause it was still early and I'd be meeting up with my cousin later on. You know you think you forget someone, then when you see them again, it all comes back? That's how I felt going back to UP. There's always this magic I feel whenever I go back. It's like...coming home. :) (Okay, tama na drama)

I met up with my cousin Benj, who I haven't seen in such a long time! When I was still studying in UP, I'd stay at their house almost every weekend. Benj kasi is so charming and funny, it's so easy to talk to him. He always takes care of me also; it's so hard not to love him! :) *cousin love* Then around dinner time, I left for Makati to meet up for dinner with my dad and sister. The most notable thing about meeting up with my dad and sister is that...I learned how to ride a bus back to Katipunan! I had to, cause the MRT was closed. I was so worried, cause I've heard about hold-up incidents happening in buses. Thank God nothing happened! (*paranoid probinsyana mode*) I went down at Cubao and got to ride a cab with a really nice cab driver. I say nice because I initially thought he was part of some modus (cause he kept turning his phone on and off) but then it turns out, he was trying to reach his daughters. Sobrang nakakatouch kaya. Ayun, we got around to talking and I ended up giving him a tip kasi sobrang natuwa ako sa kanya. (Other drivers, can you please learn from this? Can you not outright demand for a tip? If the customer is happy, he/she will give you naman /end rant)
For Saturday, I had brunch scheduled with Hal, Allan and Ian, my Twitter pals. We used to tweet each other a lot kasi, but we never went out together cause I was already studying here in Davao. Of all of the people I met through UP KEM, they're probably the ones I get to talk to most often, and they always always feed me!! Haha. Anyway, so everything was set na. Allan drove all the way pa from Alabang to Katipunan, just cause Hal demanded it (LOL jk), and then when we called both Hal and Ian, they wouldn't pick up! So we ate ahead. Finally, when they did answer, they said kakagising lang nila. HAHAHA. FML. It's not like Davao na when you say kakagising lang, you can be there in 15-30 mins. Hal followed, but only enough to say hi and goodbye. Haha. Ian owes me *evil stare*

After that, I went to Makati, as I would be staying with my dad and sister at their condo that night so that it would be much closer to the airport. My sister and I went to Bonifacio Global City to just walk around and soak in the sights before we went out to dinner with my dad at City of Dreams. Sayang nga cause we went late, but I guess it was okay na din cause I didn't bring the camera. The place would've been really nice for outfit shots and general pa-artsy shots. 

My sister and I spent most of our time at Fully Booked. Five friggin' floors of books and cute school supplies. I told my sister that if I was bored and had nothing to do, I could spend a whole day in there! Cause there's a cafe and you can read books on chairs or on the floor. Hngggh. 

Because of that, my sister and I were late for dinner with our dad. We ate at Apu, a Filipino restaurant at City of Dreams. 

haggardo versoza na

We went to the City of Dreams for a Guys' Night Out; my dad was taking us to the casino. My sister and I thought we'd be able to win some money but we didn't cause we were "greedy fucks". Haha. I think we pre-empted it, so we left empty-handed. Sayang! I should've just kept the money my dad gave us. Greedy fucks kasi, wanting the possibility of more. Haha. Oh well, I'm gonna think of the money lost as payment for experience's sake nalang.

Sunday was my mom's birthday, and my flight home. We had brunch together then I had to leave at around 1pm cause my flight was at 4pm. 

Looking back as I type this, I can't believe so much happened in a short span of time. I'm still trying to process the fact that I'm now back in school for my last semester ever, that we have homework already, and a major paper due in a couple of weeks! #graduatingfeels I just had to blog this though, because I know if I put it off, I would just get lazy and never get the nerve to anymore. Haha.

Hope you liked the post! :)


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