Bonding with my Babs: Pepperplate and Cafe Blooming Days


It starts out great: you promise to remain close and keep in touch. When you're miles apart, you promise to see each other every chance you get. Then one day, while sitting on the toilet, you realize that you haven't seen them in so long when before, thinking about being away from them months apart at a time was unimaginable. What happened? Growing up happened. Something one of my friends like to call "adult" (as in, the use of adult as a verb instead of a noun) happened. 

I used to look forward to semestral breaks because it meant getting to go home, seeing my (other) friends and going out with them. Semestral breaks used to be jampacked with plans to hit beaches, have dinner together, watch movies together, bake and visit each other's houses. But as the years passed, a lot of my friends graduated, while the others who are still in school like me, have lives of their own (in this town and elsewhere), so we don't have that common time frame like sembreak to get together. Even if you have other friends--new people in your life--high school friends are different. They're different because they saw you at your ugliest, most awkward stage and love, accept and laugh at you for it. 

Okay enough about the dramatic intro. It's raining and I couldn't help but get carried away. Lol. Last Friday, Ashi, Mithi and I met up for a loooong overdue dinner. I've been seeing some nice photos and hearing about great reviews about Pepperplate so I wanted to check the place out to blog about it to share to you guys. (Hehe work + fun)

The place is located in front of Royal Mandaya Hotel. It's hard to find because the signage is small but trust me, it's in front of Royal Mandaya Hotel. You'll see it when you pass by because the interior is bright and unlike the others. The place is small and the interior is done with an industrial feel. At the time, there were probably around 6 groups there, including 2 groups of friends, us, a family of 4 and 2 couples.

 On to the orders...

We got Lechon Kawali Chips (154php) to share. It was good. Kinda like bacon-ized chicaron. Haha.

For the main course, we had a Half-Rack of Baby Back Ribs (356php), because it's their specialty. Isn't it HUGE? It comes with 2 sides you can choose from. We chose mashed potatoes and three-rice, which is a mixture of red, brown and black rice. The ribs were delicious and tender, but I really enjoyed the three-rice, which complimented the ribs a whole lot. For a healthy side dish (whole grains kasi), it didn't taste bland at all. I like brown rice to begin with but some people don't because it's bland. This one isn't. It had a garlicky flavor to it. My mouth is watering just thinking about the three-rice (and ribs, pero kahit yung three-rice lang, ok na eh).

The menu

Next time I'd wanna try the mac n' cheese side dish, the burger and the Spam Fries. Yummers!

The meal was sulit! We split the bill and ended up paying 170php each lang. So so sulit! They don't have service charge though so please tip naman their helpful staff. :))

Visit Pepperplate at J. Palma Gil St, Davao City
Open at 11:00 am-2:00pm and 6:00pm-10:00pm

After dinner, we didn't wanna go home yet, and we wanted to get dessert but a lot of the stores were already closed, or closing, so we dropped by Cafe Blooming Days to check the place out. My friends liked the bright interiors--and they had cakes too!!--so we stayed.

The only thing that's stopped me from going to Cafe Blooming Days, said to be the first Korean cafe in Davao, before was that I heard it was pricey but when we got there, it wasn't as pricey as I expected.

We got two cakes to share: the chocolate rainbow cake (they have a buttercream rainbow cake as well) and green tea cake. If you're a Filipino who's used to reeeally sweet desserts, be warned. Makukulangan ka sa lasa dito. The rainbow cake was sweet but not super sweet, in fact, it was a little bitter (kinda like dark chocolate).

The Green Tea cake made up for the slightly bitter taste of the rainbow cake though cause it was a bit  sweeter. 

Cafe Blooming Days also has meals, which I have yet to try. But based on reviews, it's their coffee that's the winner. It's supposedly good because the owner really studied coffee making abroad.

 Visit Cafe Blooming Days at JJ's Commune, 
Loyola St., Obrero, Davao City

By the way, last night, I discovered that I hit 200,000 page views! Thank you, thank you!! That's not a lot compared to the other bloggers but it sure makes me feel like I hit 2 million views! I treasure each view because I feel like blogging is slowly making it's demise. That sounds so negative, but the signs are there. People opt to manage microblogs more: they post more on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Or bigger bloggers are slowly making way to Youtube by also having video blogs. Well, I'm not a techie. I don't have the equipment nor the team, nor the following that would request me to move in that direction so for now, I'm staying here. Thank you for those who still value and like reading the (long) written word--my long written words. :))


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  1. Hala meron palang Korean cafe in Obrero? Will definitely go there. Thank you for sharing!

    VernaBytes | style blog by Verna Abril

    1. Sure ate Verna! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  2. Hm are the cakes po sa blooming days?

  3. Hm are the cakes po sa blooming days?



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