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The first semester of my last year of college (!!!) ended yesterday so my last ever semestral break is here!! (Kinda wild when you think about it!) My classmates and I will be leaving for our plant tour on Monday, and I'm sure you have trips of your own planned for the break too (for those who came from schools that weren't affected by the academic calendar shift). I wrote this blog post on the request of my friend, who's a chronic overpacker. These are just some things I learned after packing then re-packing for the three years of my life that I spent studying away from home.

Travel tip #1:  Know your itinerary

Know where you'll be going (find out what the weather will be like) and what you'll be doing (will you be walking a lot?) so that..

Travel tip #2: You can plan what to wear

Knowing your itinerary will help you plan on what to wear, which will help you choose what to pack. I know that normally, when you hear the words "planning what to wear", you think of a shallow person who only cares about her appearance but when traveling, it's a must. (not so shallow now, eh?) I'll be using our plant tour as an example. 

We'll be visiting plants for 3 days and have agreed upon a uniform. So these clothes I've laid down are for Days 1, 2 and 3. One shirt and a pair of bottoms each. Long pants because we're going to a plant. We'll be leaving early morning of Day 1 then we'll be visiting a plant in the afternoon. I don't want to wear my shirt to the airport (of course, gotta maximize the chance for outfit shots hehehe #maybalak) so I'm bringing the shirt in my bag to change in while we're having lunch. And duh, I'll still be wearing the pair of bottoms. 

Sometimes, I wear pants 2 days in a row (it may be gross to admit but I think we all have done this at some point in our life #cowboy -- just make sure you let it air dry to remove odor) but for the trip, I'm not sure if it will rain and I will get caught in it and get muddy or whatever, or if it will get too hot that I'll sweat through my pants. So I'd rather not risk having to wash my pants in the hotel bathroom, and just take a pair everyday. Not pictured are 2 extra shirts to change into, just in case.

Another tip I could give for transit is..wear the bulkier items so it doesn't add weight to your luggage. We've only been given 10kg of baggage allowance for the trip. I plan on bringing only my denim jacket since I know we'll have private transport to take us around. Otherwise, if I was going on a trip to Manila where I'll be commuting around, I'd choose to bring a hoodie cause it rains there a lot.

Our fourth day will take us to Enchanted Kingdom (yay, fun!) so we can wear shorts cause we'll be running around and we won't be visiting any plants. My classmates and I have already talked about getting on the wet rides so I chose to prepare something light for all the running around and so that when we get wet, I won't have to bring home something bulky. (not pictured is the outfit I'll change in after the wet rides)

The last day is just transit again, plus Mall of Asia for lunch, so I plan on wearing the easiest, no-brainer solution: a dress (Will be wearing this again with my jacket for the plane). We'll be in a car, we'll be in a mall and the airport so it's okay. (If I had to commute, I wouldn't wear a dress) I will also bring along an extra long sleeved top in case for a day with extra cold weather.

For traveling, you can use pajamas for 2 nights in a row since you just wear them to bed. It sounds gross when you think about it (though not as gross as wearing pants 2 days a row), but admit it, we've all done this to save a bit on washing. Unless you wear pambahay the whole day, then I think it's acceptable to wear PJs 2 nights in a row. (PS. Guys are lucky they can sleep shirtless)

 There's gonna be a pool in the hotel and my classmates and I have talked about swimming thus the swimwear.

I won't be bringing a towel since the hotel has one. And I'm only bringing a pair of sneakers (since we need to wear closed shoes to the plants) which I'll be wearing all throughout the trip--from the airport to home. I'll also be bringing one sling bag which goes with all my outfits (black or brown is the safest) to put my personal stuff in. (This is why outfits should be planned, to save on shoe and bag space) And even though there are hotel slippers, I'll also bring my own for the pool and in case my sneakers get dirty.

For undies, I'll be taking a pair for each day plus three extra undies just in case. (Travel tip #3: you can never have too much underwear when traveling)

Other things to remember:

-personal effects
(I just bring a comb, my watch, toothbrush and lotion. The rest, like shampoo and soap, I buy in sachets before I leave or when I arrive at the place. I don't use hotel shampoo cause I'm choosy with hair products)

Travel tip #4: Roll your clothes to save on luggage space
..which means don't bring anything that wrinkles and needs to be ironed if you don't wanna spend on laundry services.

There you go!

People say traveling is fun but the packing isn't. It doesn't have to be like that if you just plan correctly. As my mom always says, the best way to travel is to travel light.

Hope I helped!


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