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Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA again. I'm back with a vengeance and I have an arsenal of stories to share to you all. I just got back from a trip to Laguna with my classmates for our plant tour. We have a course next semester called Field Trips and Seminars which requires us to arrange visits to (manufacturing) plants, thus the plant tour. We all didn't bring our laptops because we had limited baggage allowance so I didn't get to blog while on the trip. It was kind of a good thing cause it meant we'd all get to enjoy each other's company. We were away the whole of last week and got back Friday night. On the day I was supposed to return, I met up with my dad and was with him when my mom called. My (baby) brother got into an accident; he fractured his wrist while playing basketball. Imaginary basketball to be exact; he was trying to imitate Barry Allen of The Flash (which is his favorite show by the way), by doing these elaborate dunking/lay up moves without a basketball while his classmates were taking videos of him. (Ohmagawdd what will I do with him??) So right after I arrived, I went straight to the hospital and that's what kept me busy the whole weekend. In fact, I'm blogging from the hospital right now! :/ Anyway, enough of that. Here's what went down on our first day in Laguna.

We were on the first flight out so we got to Manila at around 8 am, just when everyone's day was starting.


We made our way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where the hotel was. But first, we stopped by one of the many gas stations with restos for early lunch.


We checked in at El Cielito Hotel, which was about 10 minutes away from Enchanted Kingdom. Don't you just love the lobby/cafe?



I shared a room with March, Mai-mai, Jois and Claire. Yes, there were 5 of us in a room, while there were 3 or 4 in the others. But no matter, since we had the biggest room, the Deluxe I think. We had a couch and speaker phone, which the others didn't.


After a little siesta, at around 1pm, we set off for our first plant: Gardenia.


We weren't allowed to take photos inside so we took loads of them outside. The Gardenia tour was probably the quickest plant tour of all. Parang mas matagal pa yung biyahe. Parang mas matagal pa yung pagbili ng classmates ko nung discounted, factory price products nila. But no matter, that meant more time for laag! :P (Can you see why #LAAGuna was the official hashtag of the trip?)

atchup of Davao meets Gardenia Bread guy

Kuya Ricky, our tour guide, took us to Nuvali. We've heard a lot about Nuvali from Sir Paul, our teacher, so we wanted to check it out. It did not disappoint! Nuvali's like a park where you can walk your dog, rent and ride bikes or boats and feed the fishes. It also has shops and restaurants. It's so nice cause you're getting some fresh air outdoors, but there's also something for the shoppingera of the group, who can get her loot as the compound houses lots of outlet shops (including Aldo, Nike and Adidas).

gurls minus Cha and Nicole, who went to Starbucks agad :))

Gian, Mai-mai, Camzie, Claire and I broke off from the group to walk around and explore. Of course, being the blogger that I am, I asked Gian to take some cheesy shots of us. Haha


March, who met up with her boyfriend, was calling us to try out ice cream from Family Mart. We caught up with her and call it coincidence or not but Family Mart was right beside BANAPPLE. OMG Banapple!! Isa to sa mga namiss ko sa Manila. In fact, when we found out our itinerary, we made plans to eat at Banapple but upon Googling, we found out that Mall of Asia, where we would be before heading to the airport, didn't have a branch. Boo. So happy that we were able to get our fix for the trip! :)

That day, there was a shooting for the local TV show LuvU and while we were looking at the menu (we considered taking home a slice of Banoffee pie since it would be dinner time soon), the assistant director called us over to be part of the scene so we had no choice but to eat there. Haha (no choice daw? Nagpabebe pa hahaha) 

Ayun, nagLaguna lang, naging extra pa. :))



When we got to the hotel, we all met up at our room for some pretty silly games. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard! Definitely ended our first day on a good note! Watch out for the rest of the trip! :)


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