#LAAGuna 2015: EK Virgin No More; Tita of Davao Yes


When we were planning the itinerary of our plant tour, we had Laguna in mind because most of the manufacturing plants were located there. But other than that, we had a hidden agenda: to go to Enchanted Kingdom! In my 24 years living in the Philippines, I have never stepped foot in the theme park. I think it's cause I know I'll always have the chance to, it being in the Philippines anyway. In fact, I was kidding around with Claire, who also has never been there, that buti pa yung HongKong Disneyland and Ocean Park, we got to visit those first! :P


What usually gets me excited to go to new places is the chance to take photos of them. #bloggermode I was especially excited to photograph Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park, which was sure to be a visual treat. It's kind of a bad thing, how the Filipino kodaker in me does that, when I'm supposed to enjoy the place and FEEL how it is to be there. To be fair though, I don't always do that; I get lazy sometimes. Haha #defensive

Either way, I was more excited to take photos talaga than to ride the rides because I'm such a fraidy puss! I was telling my classmates nga, I don't care what you say about me not riding the rides; I'm owning the Tita of the trip title if it means I don't have to!



Before getting there, we all pledged to try the rides together and to ride the milder rides together before making way to the extreme ones. But when we got there, the kids scrambled to Space Shuttle, that huge-ass roller coaster which goes backwards and forwards. Uhh no thanks. Jois and I opted to sit that one out. (Tita of the trip tally-1)

the kids after Space Shuttle (look at Kent's face hahaha)

Right after that, we did the bump cars while the others went on to try the EKstreme, a free fall ride. I'm sure I would've been okay with the free fall ride since you just free fall but I would've died going up (while looking down) because I'm deathly afraid of heights!! (Tita of the trip tally-2) I wanted to try the Air Race ride too since it looked safe but lo and behold! The vessel holding you turned around, rendering you upside down. Um, no thanks again!! (Tita of the trip tally-3)

me, Claire, Cha and Nicole opted to sit out the Free Fall (tita Farrah score-3)

Finally, trying to not be such a tita, I agreed when we all got together to ride the Anchors Away. It looked safe enough; a boat swaying back and forth. We were even laughing at the kids whose faces looked so afraid. But while on the ride... all hell broke loose!

parang happy pa o!

It started out simple. I was like, "okay, I can do this" but later on, I was like, "get me out of here!!" I could feel the blood rush to my head, which hurt. I couldn't shut my eyes because it would only make my head hurt more! I had to watch as we were flung into the air. I got so scared because I was afraid we would fall into each other when our side rose. Huhu. Kent, who was seated on the other side of the boat said I started out trying to control myself--breathing in, breathing out. But later on, I was screaming my head off in profanities and clutching Bern like my life depended on it. (Sorry Bern for the death grip and high-pitched screams) Eff!!! Di na ako uulit!!


After that ordeal, I calmed myself down by sitting on the benches while the others tried the horror house (you have to pay an extra 75php). Then after, we tried the Flying Fiesta, which is like swings on a carousel. It looked safe and tame enough so I went. But the problem arose when the swings rose..like really rose. I could see the roofs of the other rides! The swings went really fast. Ohmygod. I was so afraid I closed my eyes the whole ride. Haha. I'm such a scaredy cat!!! (Alex has photos of it but he had the prudence not to post them haha so you can't see :P)
safe on land

Right after, the kids tried out the Disk-o-Magic (?) which goes side to side but turns around while at it. There was someone who was probably around 60 who tried the ride before my friends had their turn and sobrang nahiya kami ni Mai-mai, who opted to sit the ride out. Hahaha. Buti pa si nanay, adventurous!

We all decided to leave the wet rides for last so right after the Disk-o-Magic, it was around 5:30 pm (park closes at 7 pm) so we decided to go ride the Log Jam and Rio Grande Rapids. The Log Jam was okay..until the second drop. You know how in cartoons, they show the heart being left behind when the cartoon animal falls? That's how it felt! The drop was so steep that even though I knew we were on an incline, it felt like a free fall. But anything was better than the Anchors Away!!

The Rio Grande was the tamest. I expected to get wet but didn't get as wet as I thought. I wore pa naman a bikini top underneath in preparation. Haha. My classmates wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel when it turned dark so we (they) could see the city lights, but we ran out of time. I was quite relieved since after the ordeal (OA!!) I went through the whole day, I don't think I could ever take another ride with heights again. Ugh. I don't know, I just..I'm such a control-freak and someone else is controlling the rides and I can't get off when I want to...it really scares me. :/ (oo na, tita na ako. Tita na kung Tita)
Because I was (self) awarded Tita of the Trip, I want to make my own awards for my classmates:
Best kind of friend to have on a theme park trip: Minorca
-because she's so game to try all the rides but she also gets scared
Chillest person on the ride: a three-way tie between Camzie, Bern and Byron
(still thinking about Bern and Byron since they're always chill anyway)
Most (unexpected) game person: Jessbert
-because I'm used to him saying no to things when we invite him out, but for the rides, he was game to ride all
Makapal ang lining ng sikmura award (aka Most Adventurous): March, Gian and Fortune
(as always)
Good Bra award (aka Most Supportive): Kent
-even during our Canibad trip last March, he was very encouraging to those who were scared to try to climb/ride (aka me)
My obligatory tourist photo with the magician outside the theme park got overexposed so I had to settle for this one, taken inside the park mehehe

When I was in UP, my friends often talked about going to Enchanted Kingdom together. I wanted to join since I haven't been there but we never got the chance to go together. I now know why..because I was meant to go with another group of friends. Awwe :"> 
PS. Ang babalikan ko nalang ata dun ay yung Swan Lake haha
at yung carousel

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