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Ever since my first make-up class years ago, I started being conscious about my brows. At first, I couldn't get why people would keep having their brows cleaned. When I saw brow threading on TV, I couldn't imagine having that done on myself--it looked hella painful! But, fast forward to today, I'm one of those brow-conscious girls who keeps trying to get her friends and sisters to groom their brows. :))

Last September 17, Abreeza invited me for their monthly Fashion Forum featuring Browhaus. Browhaus invited beauty editor and blogger Nicole Romero (www.beautyandsparkle.com) to talk about grooming your brows and the latest brow trends.


I learned a few new things like "Brows are sisters, NOT TWINS" which made a whole lot of sense. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and get annoyed when I see my brows aren't the same shape and size. My OC tendencies get to me so this was a wake-up call not to touch, shave or overpluck! Tama nga naman, Im no Angelina Jolie (who has a symmetric face); I've got unevenly shaped eyes so I shouldn't have twin brows. Anyhoo, I'm really lucky cause my brows are (relatively) thick so all I have to do is fill in the sparse areas and groom when necessary. 


I go to the brow salon every other month just to have them groomed and shaped, and then I maintain them by plucking out stray hairs. One of the brow salons I trust is Browhaus (I wrote about them here previously). They might be more expensive than the other brow salons, but their service is worth it and they offer services that other brow salons don't. They are famed for their Brow Resurrection, a semi-permanent brow tattoo for those with thin brows. And they have their in-house brand of products designed especially for lashes and brows (for growing out lashes, for relief after threading, etc). 

This was the first Fashion Forum event I attended without my constant Fashion Forum buddies Cham, Ron, Maizy or Rien. Glad I met a new friend in Farah (I KNOW RIGHT, HER NAME IS FARAH TOO!!) from budgetbarbara.blogspot.com. We sat together with ate Karla and ate Yasmin.

I don't want to get into how to shape your brows or fill in your brows because you can Google or YouTube that, but let me just say that if you have an angular face, more rounded brows will soften your features while if you have a rounded face, angular brows (with a stronger arch) will give it some shape. Ah basta if you go to Browhaus, alam na yan nila. Hahaha. They'll shape your brows according to your face shape. Also, if you have colored hair, please please please match your brow color with your hair color! (or make your brows at least one shade lighter than your hair color to soften your features) It's such an eyesore, seeing dark brows with blonde hair. I wanna tell them "Go to Browhaus and have your brows colored!!" *throws money for brow coloring at them* Chos. Haha (arte lang)

And because I'm maarte, here are a few selfies of me after I groomed my brows (even though I generally don't like posting selfies).


In the picture on the right, see how I drew my brows extending to the right? They give this illusion that my face is thinner than it is, rather than if I left them hanging where they really are at. Just an example to show you how brows can dramatically change your face. It just all depends on the shape and color you take. 

If my selfies weren't enough to convince you to get your brows groomed, then you have to check out the services of Browhaus yourself.

Good news! Browhaus is offering 50% off to ALL first timers at Browhaus. So you can go check them out at the 3rd floor of the expansion wing, Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City :)


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