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All my graaaades are in! And I made it! I'll be graduating this April 2! FINALLY.

Anyway, before I make my MEGA post thanking everyone, I want to recognize the teachers who have made my college life memorable. A majority of them made my years in college memorable not cause of the grades I got from them (although there are a few whose classes I did excel at) but because of the lessons I picked from them. I appreciate all my profs so it was HARD to narrow down the list to 7. These are arranged according to the semester I took them.
1) Bernard Caslib, UP Diliman, Philo 1

In my first year in my first ever semester in UP, I enrolled in Mr. Caslib's class. Before I entered college, I told myself that I will not care about the grades that I got, as long as the learning was there. I think I reminded that to myself again after my first class with Mr. Caslib. HAHAHA. First class palang, you knew he was smart (later, you'd eventually find out he graduated Magna cum Laude). He was friendly and his lectures were fun, but you knew he was business. I think in one of the first  few meetings, sobrang napahiya ako and I struggled throughout the semester. I think I got a 2.0 in my final grade. I remember getting jealous of my friend Heidi who was breezing through her Philo class. Little did I know then that every class was different. There was a recommended syllabus but it was up to the prof to decide what he'd teach and how he'd teach it.

Probably my most memorable time in class was when we went on a field trip (I forgot why we did though). We went to a KrisTV (whatever her show was called back then) taping and we also went to the Senate. I will never ever forget the fact that Mr. Caslib is such a huge fan of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. We attended a hearing and saw her there, but we didn't get to have a photo with her so Mr. Caslib had his photo taken on the wall next to her portrait instead. =))

2) Carljoe Javier, UP Diliman, English 11
In my second semester, Heidi and I enrolled in Mr. Javier's English class. He was her teacher the previous semester in Creative Writing and she really enjoyed his class so when she saw that he was offering another course, we decided to sign up for it together. Heidi was right. Sir Javier's class was really enjoyable. What made his class memorable was the fact that we didn't read the usual classics. We discussed poems, short stories and novels but we read works of contemporary writers such as Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk. So when we were assigned readings, I'd devour them right away cause I liked what I was reading; it was so easy to digest. I got mindblown when he'd point out something that I otherwise would not have noticed. Class times were chill; it was like he was talking to a bunch of his friends lang. But when we were asked to write, I'd get nervous cause even if he was cool, you know he was good and you know that he had standards. I think pasok naman ako sa standards niya cause I got a 1.25 :-)

3) Engr. Kristian July Yap, UP Diliman, ChE 106
Sir July is on my list not because some of my classmates and I had a crush on him then (hahahahaha can't believe I'm admitting that now kbye) but because he really really made me feel like I could be an engineer. Chemical Engineering courses can be very abstract. In my first ChE major, I felt a bit disheartened because I felt like I didn't belong. Everyone was getting really good grades while I didn't know what I was doing half the time! It was a miracle I even passed! Haha. But in our second major (ChE 106-Mathematical Methods) wherein he handled the class, I felt smart. I didn't get a high grade cause his exams were killer, but I did enjoy learning cause I felt that he was so patient and passionate in teaching talaga.

4) Dr. Albert Jubilo, AdDU, ChE majors (Envi Engg, Process Control, etc)
Sir Jubs is the most straightforward, generous and proactive teacher ever. You know how other teachers overwhelm you with information you don't need? Sir Jubs isn't like that. He has a degree in Education Management so he only teaches us the important stuff so we won't forget them that's why it's so easy to get good grades in his class. He's also very practical and updated. He teaches us through application (Outcomes Based) and he continually researches so his information is up-to-date. He also gets along with our class. He is on my list because my classmates and I really appreciate him. I think he's underrated and misunderstood, but I think that Sir Jubs is way ahead of his time.

5) Jose Maria 'Nonoy' Ybanez Tomacruz, AdDU, Philo 103
I used to only hear about Mr. Tomacruz because he was famous for being scary. He would silence students who were noisy, especially when he was holding class. I didn't know I would get to experience that 'scariness' myself.
One of the perks of being an irregular student in a school that does block sectioning is that you get to pick classes from other sections. In this case, I was with MassComm students. That's how I got into his class. I'm so lucky that Mr. Tomacruz was my teacher for my first Philo class in AdDU. Philo 103 is the prerequisite for other Philo classes and he covered the basics well. One of my most memorable moments in class were his exams. Literal multiple choice that would make you think hard and think more than once or twice since erasures weren't allowed. I was so scared to make a mistake in the first exam that I barely passed. In the second exam though, I studied so hard and read & re-read the readings a number of times that's why I more than aced it. I'm so proud that I eventually got an A in his class. (He said that based on the trend he observed after teaching for more than 20 years, students who aced his exams would likely succeed later on in life. I hope that's true!)
Another thing I remember most other than the exams and his aversion to cheating (he bellowed at us on the first day THRICE, "DO NOT CHEAT") were his kwentos. He's a big guy but when he talks about his son, he would be like a giant teddy bear. My mom revealed that he used to be her teacher when she was still studying at AdDU (he was just starting at the time).

6) Mr. Ramon Beleno III, Hist 50
Whenever you hear that your teacher's a lawyer, you immediately think they're strict (or is that just me?), but Mr. Beleno was not of that kind. In fact, he was very kind, smiley and laughed easily. But he was also straightforward and upfront on the first day of class. He laid his expectations and how exams and quizzes would be (enumeration) so we'd know what to expect. It was Rizal class and our discussions were like this GIANT chismisan session about Rizal so it was easy to remember what he taught us. More than that, I liked the vibe of our class and how everyone got together. It was in this class that I became classmates again with Gerdo, LA and Verge whom I hadn't been classmates with since high school, and Matet, whom I hadn't been classmates with since grade school. =))

7) Rex Rola, AdDU, Philo 106
There are some teachers that when they walk into the room, you know you're gonna have to work hard in the subject. Rex Rola is one of them. We may not have heard about him (apparently, his name inspires fear in students), but we definitely survived him.

We only had 3 readings, but Sir Rola made them last a semester. Haha. One thing I liked about Sir Rola was that he knew a lot of things, like random facts. But if you asked me what was the most memorable (and amusing) part of his class was, I'd probably say his exams, which were well thought-of and impossible to cheat at. When I took his class, it had been like, 2 years since I had to exert effort for a minor subject (aka Sir Tomacruz) so I had my work cut out for me. Our comprehensive Final Paper was something I was excited to work on (since I learned a lot), but ended up cramming on since we had other requirements :(

In the end, I got a C+ in his class. I was disappointed, but that's okay. It reminded me of what I told myself back in my very first year--I am here for the learning and not for the grades.


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