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I don't know if you've felt it too, but social media is slowly losing its appeal.
 Lately, I've been re-assessing myself, as well as my social media sites (of course, that includes my blog), and I feel like they aren't headed the same direction, which is why lately, every outfit feels like I tried too hard, every post feels forced, everything feels fake, all of which are things I don't stand for.

kryz2I guess in between trying to keep up with how fashion blogging is going while still trying to maintain my sense of self, I tend to fall into the trap of following what the others are doing because one, I read one too many blogs that I tend to subconsciously seep in what I see and two, I've exhausted every ounce of creativity in my body thinking of what could set me apart. I realized, when I think of what to do or wear out, I think in terms like "would this look good on me? Is this blog-worthy? What if I run into readers, and I dress sloppily? Would people like this outfit on my blog?" Everything has become when it should be just for me.


Banggood necklace || Forever 21 top || H&M skirt || SM Accessories hat || Eye of Horus shades || F&F boots


with my baby brother, who takes my photos :)


PS. What do you think of the outfit? Too much or... ? This is kind of like an outfit Anne Hathaway wore in the movie "Valentine's Day", something effortlessly thrown together yet polished. Would love to hear what you think!

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