How to be the Most Stylish Mother of the Bride


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After the bride and the maid of honor, the next person who I think everyone looks at during weddings is the mother of the bride. In some weddings I've been to and in some photos I've seen, the bride's mothers have been seen to wear some frumpy outfits. That shouldn't be the case! Mother of the bride outfits can be stylish and can be flattering. Here are a few tips:
1) Research

If you're not very fashionable or updated with what's in, do some research on the latest cuts and colors that flatter your body.

2) Consult with the couple.
Some couples (especially Filipinos) have the whole entourage's outfits made at one atelier, while some others just have a theme and ask their entourage to follow the theme. If you happen to fall under the former, ask the designer and the couple if you can have a more stylish option made, especially if the designer (some older designers are less adventurous and not-so open to new styles) is a little hard to work with.
You can also buy off the rack or online. DylanQueen offers a lot of stylish options for mother of the bride dresses, aside from wedding gowns and entourage dresses. So why not suggest the bride to check the site out too?
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3) Pick a comfortable, stylish yet understated option
Being stylish doesn't mean having the whole world's attention on you. You can be stylish while being understated. For weddings, everyone's eyes should be on the bride (actually, the couple haha) so it's best to take attention away from yourself. (Also usually, the older you get, the funnier being outlandish can look) Another factor you can consider is to wear something comfortable as you will be greeting guests and walking around a lot as well.
Hope I helped! :)

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