#WishlistWednesday: Birthday Books


Is 24 too old to ask for gifts? (Side note: When is one old enough to stop asking for birthday gifts anyway?)
I feel a bit ashamed to still be asking for presents since I'm (gonna be) at the age where I should be able to provide for myself with my own wants and big ticket items (hello, my friends have purchased their own cars already!) but since I'm still in [my last year of] school, let's just ignore that last bit for awhile and let me milk this last year for what it's worth. LOL
I'm actually pretty content at where I'm at in life now (I could use a few more clothes though...LOL) and I feel really #blessed so these things are little things I really need/want/use. I think the best way I can show someone I appreciate their gift is by using their present.
I love reading, but I hardly ever have time to read my favorite chick lit/young adult books now. I read anything but I prefer these cause they're light reads haha
1) China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan recently released his follow-up to Crazy Rich Asians, a book I enjoyed a little too much. I enjoy books about richy-richy stuff like Gossip Girl but Crazy Rich Asians felt a little more close to home because of the proximity of the location and cause I could relate to the way Asian families work.
2) PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Another follow-up to another book I read and enjoyed, PS I Still Love You also is about an Asian girl who was born and raised in the States. The first book follows her and her love life but it's the cute kind, not the sappy romance-riddled one so I wonder what this one will be about.

3) A Pretty Bible

After our silent retreat a week ago, I realized I didn't have a bible of my own which is a shame since after that retreat, I rediscovered my love for the Word of God. I used to read the Bible a lot but after we moved houses (and packing books up in boxes), I couldn't find our family's bible so I didn't read as much. I would want to come back to reading it from time to time to be reminded of God's promises and warnings, and I hope I can do so in a pretty package. Bibles don't have to be all serious.
PS. I saw pretty bibles like these in National Book Store

4) Chemical Engineering Reviewer

Because as early as now, I would want to be prepared for review!
(Di pa nga gumagraduate! Excited lang?)
My birthday's in 11 days (that's a Sunday!) ;)

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