Highway 81


On Black Saturday this year, my bloggies and I drove off to Buda to spend some time together, and get a whiff of the cold mountain air while we're at it. Our mission: to get some of the famous sikwate at suman from Seagull Resort, and check out Highway 81, which has been popping up all over our Instagram feeds.

We got to Seagull around lunch time and it was so full of people that we decided to come back in a few minutes. In the mean time, we checked out Highway 81--and fell in love with it. The place was quiet (yes! for the titas that we are) and as beautiful as the Instagram posts portrayed it to be. I loved the place because it reminded me of those wooden lodges you see on TV shows where you can stay in during winter and have hot cocoa and play board games. For a maximum effect, my friends and I had lunch on the terrace, where we could look out into their lovely garden and get more of the cool mountain air.

inside the restaurant

I think the place is run by a family, so the menu is pretty limited. But, they have your normal favorites like pancit and fried chicken, which can be shared by families. The prices are pretty reasonable too. My friends and I opted for breakfast food...because why not? Breakfast food is looove! :) (Imagine having breakfast in the mountains during the early morning, surrounded with fog. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?)

Anyway, back to the place. They had little cottages, which you can rent at around Php 3,500/night for parties and what-not, as pictured in the photo below. It looks small but it can fit about 12 people. And I think you are allowed to cook (although I'm not 100% sure so it's best to check). Time flew by weirdly slow in the mountains. We took photos and exhausted every topic we could think of, but when I checked my watch, it was only 1:30 pm (and we got there at around 12nn ha. Sa bagay, we were gabbing in the car the whole time). 

Finally, at around 2 pm, we left for Seagull, but when we got there, we found out that they ran out of suman! Dang! So my friends and I had the hot chocolate with some banana muffins instead and then headed back to the city. Kwesh, Dawn and I ended up spending the whole day together. Literally. After bringing Claud and Ella home, and having dinner with Dane, I can't believe we still had enough energy to catch the last full show of Batman vs Superman. Good times.


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