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Confession: on the days leading up to Christmas, I couldn't feel the holiday spirit at at all. I even had an elaborate entry prepared but didn't post because I didn't want to ruin Christmas for you. I didn't know why I was feeling that way--was it because I've grown older? or because I was too focused on the now (it was exam week then)? or because I was just so used to the way my family and I celebrated Christmas that I already knew what to expect and got sick of it? Or maybe because I thought I wasn't gonna be having the Christmas I was used to with all the new clothes and gifts (parang bata lang)? Irregardless, the past few days after Christmas have opened my eyes and reminded me what Christmas (and the holiday season) is truly about. Sure, we all have been told that it's a celebration for the man who gave his life on the cross to save us from sin but I've learned that how we live the way that honors His sacrifice is also important, and that includes being grateful--being grateful for the littlest but most important things that we take for granted like our family and health.

A part of being grateful is also manifested through sharing. I was so blessed to be with my ChE friends at an outreach activity for the children of the House of Hope. The children there are cancer patients, but they were so happy that apart from the fact that some of them even had masks on, you wouldn't feel that they were sick. They truly gave me hope. :)
Anyway, here's an outfit from the last wash day of the year. The weather that day was like today's: pretty chilly, so I felt a bit lazy dressing up. Good thing the ol' classics saved the day. I went for a monochrome look and finished it off with my comfy Yosi Samra leopard-print flats.


PS. I've always had a problem with Blogger degrading the quality of my photos; they look so nice on camera but not on the blog. Apparently, my blogger friends have experienced that too, which we talked about during dinner the other night. Haha! #bloggerproblems I looked for solutions online and there were suggestions that I look into uploading them on Flickr. Here's my first post trying that out. Watcha think? :)


003 _MG_2904 dad's polo || Forme pants || thrifted bag || Yosi Samra flats || SM Accessories hat || photos by Gian Sam


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  1. Dear, I love the bag! Was it really just thrifted?:))

    1. Yup!! As in all my friends don't believe it is :)))) great find!

  2. Hi, F. That holiday spirit? I didn't feel it either. Listening to Christmas songs when I could didn't even help. Haha.
    Anyway, LOVE this outfit. An oversized polo + skinnies + ballet flats is an outfit I'd actually see myelf wearing. :) #outfitpeg

    1. Hey woman! I just read your comment. Ew kadiri ko no? haha anyway, thanks! lagi, going back to basics! :)



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