#MagandangHapon Day 7: Farewell


We had only been with our host families for about a day so you would expect little attachment should've been made, but no. They gave us something we rarely ever see in the world right now, and that's kindness. True, pure kindness. They let us into their homes without knowing anything about us and trusted us, fed us, entertained us, got to know us, taught us and just basically treated us as their own. Even though we speak different languages, that resonated so much that I and my fellow JENESYSts were moved to tears at the farewell party.

(PS I think the Japanese also were amused at the Filipinos cause we were very loud, joyful and..emotional. Most of us were the ones crying. LOL. Look at me and Alaine: swollen eyes)

Me and Yuri-chan; Me and Toshiki-kun 

Thank you so much Shinji-san, Kanako-san, Yuri-chan and Toshiki-kun for letting us into your home and into your lives. I will never forget you. Even if I wasn't as talkative open as Alaine, know that I appreciate every single thing you did for us.

After the farewell party, we had a planning/brainstorming session at the resort's hotel. While waiting for the shuttle to take us back to our cabins, Bea and I decided to take outfit shots.

H&M sweater || Forever 21 jacket || Forme leggings || F&F boots ||  'Love' necklace borrowed from Bea || photos by Beatrice Malveda


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