#MagandangHapon Day 8: Robots, Tokyo Tower and Pokemon



I promised myself that I won't have any more Japan posts by the time 2015 rolls in so here's the second to the last day we spent in Japan! The day started off early as usual, as we'd be traveling back to Tokyo from Chiba. There was a typhoon reportedly coming so we had to leave earlier than usual and take a longer route. However, thanks to Akiko-san and Endo-san's amazing planning powers, we actually got to Tokyo earlier than scheduled, and had to wait a good 30 minutes before the National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology (or Miraikan) opened.

While sitting in the bus, waiting for the museum to open, we saw....a beggar. We were so shocked! For the duration of our WHOLE trip, that's the first and only time we saw a beggar. Our coordinators said that if you're a beggar in Japan, it's your choice since the government is willing to help you get back up on your feet. That's another thing I admire about Japan--everyone's helping each other up. This is why even though they closed themselves off to the world, they were still able to rebuild their nation quickly. I can only wish the same for our country.


The first room we were led into was a viewing room with a huge globe suspended from the ceiling. The globe showed what was happening to the world--in real-time. We were all so amazed! We could even see the typhoon/low pressure area (whatever you call it) near Japan.


Next up, we went to a roomful of exhibits. I had so much fun looking through the exhibits which included plastic that can generate electricity, self-recycling and artificial photosynthesis, to name a few. There was also a robot that eerily looked human (humanoid robot), and there was an exhibition by Asimo, another robot. There was a simulation town as well, wherein you could apply what you learned from the exhibit. The hour allotted to us went by so fast! And it was only when we were about to leave that I found out we could explore the other exhibits. There were like, 4 other floors we didn't get to go to!


While we were there, there was a filming for BBC. Here I am with the host, Spencer Kelly. 

When we entered Miraikan, it was raining hard that the front of the museum got a little flooded BUT when got out of the museum, it was sunny, like a storm didn't pass.  We headed over to Aqua City, Odaiba where we had lunch at an American buffet place, The Oven. The place offered a spectacular view of..The Statue of Liberty? LOL. (No really, there was a replica one!) We went gaga for the pizza and tacos, but mostly everyone had a little too much fun over the ice cream machine. Me, I didn't get to enjoy the buffet as much because I wanted to finish shopping! I didn't hoard as much at H&M in Chiba since I didn't like a lot of stuff so I was itching to check out the H&M at Odaiba. It was all kind of the same, even in Forever 21. I liked a few things at Bershka though, but since I still hadn't bought anything for my 3 other siblings, I didn't buy anything cause I might run out of money.

Our next stop was for the presentation of our plans of action, as well as the awarding of our certificates. It was the last official order of business before we would leave for the Philippines the next day.

Group A Walang Iwanan!


with Akiko-san and Endo-san :)


If you noticed, I wore a little something different than the outfit I wore at Miraikan. I changed into a tribal skirt, for Filipino representation. 

Forever 21 skirt and romper


Me with almost everyone from group A. Spot the picture where I'm crying. 


After the presentation, we headed back to the hotel to rest before having dinner again at Triton Square. My sisters wanted Pokemon stuff and I couldn't find anything Pokemon anywhere so I decided to go to the Pokemon center with Kay! The center closes at 8pm so we ate fast and really ran for the train station and then the Pokemon center as soon as we got off the train. It felt like being on The Amazing Race! Our efforts paid off cause we got to the store just 5 minutes before closing!!!


The staff were really nice cause they allowed us to extend. 


Kay and I were so happy afterwards--me mostly because I could go back to the Philippines in peace, like I got everything I could--and we didn't want to go home so we explored the area. Because of our aimless walking, we actually ended up at Tokyo Tower! I think that was the best part of the night; the fact that we'd unexpectedly get to visit a popular tourist spot even though we didn't plan it! Yay for spontaneity!



We got to go inside but didn't get to ride up the elevators to see the view since it was pretty late, not to mention we ran out of money! It was still fun though. They had lots of stores (not to mention cheap souvenirs and anime stuff, for my sisters pa din). I was glad to have Kay around to explain to me the anime stuff cause I really don't know a thing about anime! I also appreciated that it was just the two of us; at least no problem in logistics plus we got to do what we really wanted to do. It's hard to travel in a big group, like what happened in Shibuya.

my adventure buddy

my Pokemon loot. My sisters just wanted Pokemon food


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